Festival Makeup Tutorial + Outfit AD


  1. she's going to slimefest who's going ????

  2. I love all your tutorials because they simple, elegant and pretty. I believe that eyeshadow brush you've used wss zoeva, if yes can you tell me whether the worth it or not. I'm thinking to buy them, so please help ??

  3. that makeup looks so gorgeous on you ?

  4. Throwback to Roxi with blonde hair ???? love your silver hair too tho X

  5. You are so pretty!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!
    How do you get the thumbnail to not actually get in the video??

  6. I love you so much , and i love your skin , I'm iraqi

  7. I know that is rare that a men, comment this type of video, but imagine this girl uploading gaming videos, and streaming, come on she is so pretty i mean… or playing football, singing or Skating xd!! my thoughts, Greetings from southamerica…

  8. Using your tips has busted my confidence so much I just want to thank you because of your videos have made me more confident to be myself

  9. Wow I love this look – you are so talented and beautiful. Would love more eye and makeup looks ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Ohhh my You looook super Gorg!!

  11. roxi youre so cute i love your makeup

  12. Where is your top from I love it so much!

  13. Omg she's so close to a million

  14. Your top is so cute where did you get it?! ?

  15. Какая же красоточка! Внешность, кстати славянского типа.?

  16. I got slightly confused when you walked to the other side of the car to get in

  17. Love this look, was wondering if you could do a prom make up look, I'm so stuck, need help please! Love your videos btw xxxx

  18. Hey, i have a question, how did you get that colour of your hair? I know you had darker hair before so i was wondering how did you get that colour because i want it too☺️

  19. Hiii 🙂 where do you get your makeup brushes from? I love love looovvee them! And want to get em for my bday hehe :p

  20. Your accent, your eyes – goals.

  21. Who doesn't love mean girls ?! The look is sooo cute btw ! I luv it

  22. I am an Arab and I speak all languages ​​and Atapek because I love you so much and you have good ideas and beautiful modern makeup really love you I hope that you pray to the more than one million participants and Hhab everything you're wearing the video I wish I could give us new ideas with regards Habiba???

  23. You are so gorgeous, are you a model

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