Festival Ready Makeup


  1. How fast u applied the Eyeliner… In just a few Seconds.

  2. Every time before I go to a festival, I pick out make up looks in my head. And every time I just run around with my bare, wasted face instead 😀

  3. great tutorial, the blue makes it so fun  love it 

  4. Do they sell "be a bombshell cosmetics in stores or is it only online?

  5. can you show how u do your backgrounds for your videos?

  6. Just watched and I am feeling festive!

  7. Beautiful Christen xoxo ^.^

  8. you're honestly so beautiful! very talented girl 🙂

  9. Sweet look on a sweet girl!… Beautiful.

  10. Most effortless and flawless liner application I have ever seen! I'm impressed..haha XO

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  12. Miss seeing your son in the vids!

  13. Thank you all for the kind comments 

  14. I never thought about applying my lashes in the middle first, totally gonna try that next time I wear falsies

  15. GIVEAWAY on my channel…come check it out Beauties.XOXO

  16. Christen, can you please make some sort of relaxation video? I would so fall asleep listening to your voice ☺️

  17. The lip stick was not bright at all.

  18. Great look and not too many products! The pop of color makes your eyes sparkle 🙂

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