Filmstrip Nail Art (Zooey Deschanel)


  1. My name is Zoe! Not the exact same thing spelling, BUT STILL! ?

  2. so do you paint your thimb and pinky white?

  3. Stripers to buy In the uk please help

  4. I did this and it looked great, the other hand well…yea not so great

  5. and what can I do with the other finger? with the thumb?

  6. Your voice hears like michelle fawns

  7. Beautiful!!! but I just wonder how you do it in your right hand.

  8. What stripers do you use ???

  9. +jessica m she did it just white just like the pinkie.

  10. I have 4 ideas I wanna see you try!
    1. Pizza slice nails
    2. State/world flag nails
    3. Chihuahua face nails
    4. Taco nails!

  11. AWESOME nail art tutorial!!!!

  12. I have a question let's say your right handed but when I try to paint my nails with my left I mess up and my nails look horrible any advice or video

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