Fimo Fruit Slices Gel Inlay – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie creates a cheerful summer look using FIMO Fruit Slices Inlaid in Gel. This is a detailed step by step tutorial.

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  1. Love it, sooooo beautiful! I have these fruit femos, but have never used them. Soooooo going to use them now after watching your video! TFS! xo

  2. I know I’m super late but this is Soo cute!!! Can you try to do more darker designs ( I know it will be hard for you) I just think it would be cool to see you do since you love your bright Colors

  3. Suzie, I got your nail polish collaboration with OPI in the color “Suzie Without a Paddle” I’m absolutely in love with the color and the pigmentation of the color. Thank you for collaborating with OPI for making amazing nail polish colors.

  4. Suzie, you need to try cjp acrylic!! The crystal glass clear is amazingly clear! All us cjp addicts are waiting for you to do a tutorial!! ? love watching you.. you are amazing! ?

  5. Can you do more polish designs I cant ware gel?

  6. i love your channel so much it makes me so happy, and the music is so calming mixed with your voice. it's like the perfect mix for if you need something to listen to in the background while you study or draw, or a video to watch if you're trying to nod off because its so relaxing to listen to and to watch. two big thumbs up

  7. You should do a video on how you clean your brushes and equipment

  8. She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes… yeah i will just show myselfout

  9. One of my favourite designs you’ve made!! Love it!!! ???

  10. i requested this 3 months ago in her faded rose video ! glad i get to finally see it get done ☺️☺️☺️

  11. How to become a nail tech like u? Like what courses v have to do to bcm a nail tech. Plz give me all info hw u became one as u r my inspiration n I wanna bcm jst like u

  12. Hey Suzie! Which acrylic powder brand is best for U?

  13. Hey Suzie! Which acrylic powder brand is best for U??

  14. It would be awesome if you do hello kitty nails and go kawaii with them

  15. You can make your own fimo inlays with polymer clay. You make the design at a size large enough for you to work with, then roll and pull the sticks out to a tiny size the way a candy maker pulls canes of candy, then bake the canes to harden them.

  16. What is the temperature in your room?

  17. what about a chef’s mandalay? to cut the fimo, you can get some extremely fine ones, very expensive at chef specialty stores.

  18. I'm curious, are those fruit pieces hard are are they rubbery? Amazing video just curious

  19. I told my mom I luv acrylic nails and she said u can get them when u are 19 and I can't wait that long!

  20. Oh ,I love it so much!???

  21. I love this look! While I typically stray from greens, I would wear this in a heartbeat! I would love to see more inlay videos, more specifically how you inlay acrylic flowers and roses. I know you've mentioned it can be done, but seeing how thin the fimo fruit slices are, I''m really interested now to see that.

  22. I absolutely love your art. I wish I could afford to have nails. I had a manicure in Japan in 1987. That was the last time. I didn't have false nails but I did have them paint mine. It's more important that I get my hair colored and trimmed. It's been a year for real. It's so relaxing to watch your videos!

  23. Beautiful nails and quite relaxing. Thank you

  24. I love your work. It is soooooo inspiring.

  25. You haven't tried CJP Crystal Glass!! It is super clear, amazing product.

  26. Goodness I have a dirty mind lol

  27. those little fruit things make me feel so nostalgic~~ I'd want mine done with oranges in the summer and apples in the fall <3

  28. Camera man that is not the Mexican flag. The Mexican flag has an eagle in the middle that is an Italian flag (I think)

  29. Camera man that is not the Mexican flag. The Mexican flag has an eagle in the middle that is an Italian flag

  30. Hunty! You have out done yourself! Absolutely gorge!

  31. Do a video with the Hello Kitty Inlays!

  32. Who could down vote this? It's gorgeous and trendy and just perfect for summer! With that said, I really need to do my nails too.

  33. I remember making all sorts of Fimo fruit and flower canes for a nail stylist friend. Now I also use them but my nails are getting a little too long to work with clay. I rather stay with nail art than clay art.

  34. quisiera conocerte en persona y que hiciera un vídeo y poder salir yo para que me haga unas uñas espectaculares como todo lo que haces. Yo le he empezado a escribir en español y le pido subtítulos para comprender todo lo que dices. hojala vea mi comentario y me responda soy su admiradora #1.

  35. Great look! ❤️ that camera man talked so much!!

  36. please subtítulos in Spanish.??

  37. This is my favorite nail look you’ve ever done!! So cute I need this design!

  38. Wish you could do my nails. I never leave my nail place happy

  39. I've seen people use Fimo previously but not as an inlay. Love it! Makes me want to try it. Thanks Suzie.

  40. Interesting and fun! I hope to be able to do this for myself one day! Thank you!

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