Smashbox recently came out with a makeup sponge that has a FINGERPRINT TEXTURE…. wtf! As soon as I saw this sponge I knew I had to test it out for you here on my channel. The Silisponge better sit down, cause there’s a NEW silicone/gel sponge in town. Wonder if it’s any good? Watch the video and find out!!!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. I think you should do all of your videos that close as it shows your audience what the product really looks like

  2. Idk anything about silicone beauty blenders, but to me it just looks like trying to blend products in with plastic, which just does not seem possible with that type of material ¯_(=/)_/¯

  3. I have used my fingers exclusively for foundation. I'm probably just old school, minus the school. I keep seeing videos with blenders and brushes and silicone things that look like they'd just smear it around, and I'm settling into the part of my life where, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." LOL
    Just discovered you today. Enjoying your videos and sense of humor!

  4. I've never seen her foundation so fucked up

  5. "Its kind of like King Kong pressed his thumb on your face and was like, bye bitch"

  6. So finish it with a brush like you're suppose to…

  7. great video love! xo from my channel to your’s <3

  8. where is that headband from? it is beautiful!

  9. “welcome to the sad reality that is my face”

  10. I was going to ask what you think it would do on dryer skin and you answered it. This product is a nope!

  11. How much foundation does she wants on her face

  12. wнy waѕ ι ѕυвѕcrιвed тo тнιѕ нoe?..

  13. thanks for the zoom in, we clearly see what it does to the skin. STOP SILICONY SPONGES BRANDS !

  14. I was like Nikkie it looks alright, you can still get a good look out of it and… ZOOM! Lol

  15. When she added the concealer it started to look like she put some sort of icy eyeshadow all over her face -_-

  16. Isn't that what your finger is for

  17. im gonna be honest i really wanted to enjoy this but i find it so hard to watch her

  18. Okay yeah but what I wanna know is, whose fingerprint did they use?

  19. The extreme matte appearance is because the ridges created more texture on your skin which deflects the light in multiple directions giving it a matte and non shiny appearance

  20. Didn't even notice how red her ears look until she had a full face of white make up on.

  21. "I'm looking like a dried up butthole." Nikkie, your authenticity cracks me up!

  22. please can you make a skincare routine you skin is so clear and pretty! love you, this video, your channel! xxxxx

  23. I'm a bit over all these crazy sponges as well 🙁

  24. ✨Wow $20.00 dollars??? No thanks!!!?✨

  25. Finally someone gets it! I'm glad it was you! <3

  26. I love your medallions <3

  27. Watching this without sound bcuz I'm too lazy to get my headphones

  28. She looks like the Vine-er Chelcie Lynn when she has concealer on her whole face and lips

  29. I love my silicone sponge. I just don't use it as often when because it takes extra time.

  30. why does her face look swollen now, compared to two or three years ago?

  31. Wow her lips are so red ? is that really her lips?

  32. What if there was a beauty blender that has gel in the middle so it would stop it from absorbing products but then its still a beauty blender and not gel sh*t (blue for gel pink for beauty blender) although its not supposed to be shaped like that, like a cube

  33. I love her so much, but that background music made this so hard to watch! Noooo

  34. I'm half asleep (not bc I'm bored but bc it's 2 am). Did she say dried up butthole? Lmao

  35. You actually look more natural with imperfection in the foundation.

  36. letting everyone know you can buy them at marshalls for 4 bucks

  37. "I'm looking like a dried up butthole."
    Me too, me too

  38. When are people going to give up on the silicone sponges? We liked the beauty blenders, just leave it be.

  39. It looks like something u would make with a hot glue gun

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