Fire Ombre Balayage Phoenix Hair


  1. you did amazing, but as a whole it looks like a wig

  2. My mom is a cosmetologist she uses all of your products!!!

  3. I’d never in my life bleach or dye my hair but I’m just saying if guy tang came up to me and wanted to do this I’d switch in a second

  4. how about an oil slick on a brunette?

  5. I've been wanting to do orange and red for a while now. I have red, blue and black currently which I love but I'll have to wait until everything fades out.

  6. I actually understood what she said because i speak both

  7. She says later she don’t scared this strong colours 🙂

  8. She said she really like it this colour look on her fantastic and that she feels wonderful, beautiful

  9. Before and after made me gasp i love it i wish i got that hair?

  10. Ameeeei! Vou pintar meus cabelos nesse estilo fire ombré… ?????

  11. Anyone know how much this would cost? I would fly from Florida to him to get this. Amazing

  12. Man, I want fire Phoenix hair
    sets my hair on fire
    There we go 🙂

  13. Ok mu hair got fryed really bad and i dont want to cut it to short i need help with it any tips

  14. I did red as my first full hair dye and i loved it lol

  15. So fab makes me want red again ????????

  16. If I ever did a color I would absolutely do this .

  17. I know this video has been uploaded for years, but I just wanted to let you know that, as an artist, watching you color her hair genuinely fills my heart with joy. So artfully done!

  18. Beautiful, and no no, YOU are terribly sexy, dear…ugh…so smitten…with the hair too..

  19. That is sooo frackin beautiful…? from India ..

  20. Every videos his packed with so much useful information. Thank you! ?

  21. I want to do a dark red/maroon then fade into a light blonde at the end

  22. I I love her hair and the color is beautiful

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