First Day of School Outfit Ideas + I Designed a Shoe?!

Thanks for watching! I hope you found some style inspiration from this 🙂 A huge shoutout to you guys for all the support as always, you really are an amazing part of my life. More to come. xx

  • Outfits 1
    Dress- Mango
    Vest- H&M
    Necklace- Asos
    Backpack- Forever 21
  • Outfits 2
    Skirt- H&M
    Top- Urban Outfitters
  • Outfits 3
    Top- Brandy Melville
    Jeans- Express
    Backpack- Asos
    Necklace- Urban Outfitters
  • Outfits 4
    Top- Express
    Jeans- Paige Denim
    Hat- Rag & Bone
    Backpack- Asos


  1. Loved the blue denim skirt. I would totally wear that 🙂 xxx

  2. Last video was perfect normaly jeans ? T Shirt ??that's my style not like croptop shorts and stuff

  3. I love u so much and ur so pretty

  4. it kind of looks like you can see her getting blisters/red marks from the shoes : i feel like as nice as they look, they're not comfortable and they can really rub at sensitive spots on the feet

  5. Ob-sessed with the 3rd outfit omg I want your closet

  6. Love every style! I would love a closet orgenizing video

  7. I love love love your Keds!!! Wish they reproduced it for the public, would def buy a pair! ???

  8. Does anyone know the style/color of the Paige jeans?

  9. I love the shoes you designed! They are awesome…Wish I had them!✌️

  10. the third outfit is definitely my fave but they're all perfect ?

  11. I want to buy those keds shoes that you designed but we dont have that one here on philippines.

  12. I want more and more ……..

  13. I follow about 14 beauty youtubers and you're my favorite. You're just so nice and gentle, and like, real; not over the top and loud. Keep it up. Love your style as well!


  15. I love your Videos, I love you soo much <3

  16. My friend and I just started a YouTube channel and love your vids! Sub for a sub?:)

  17. Love the dressier outfit! Still can't believe you're from my small city!!! And you went to a school that was like 5 mins away from mine!!!!!

  18. i liked your outfits and i lovee your clothes 🙂 <3

  19. I just found out you look so much alike Nikki Reed ?

  20. i love your videos! they are amazing , maybe could you do a get the look for less Rihanna? <3 loveyou.

  21. ? I love your videos ?

    Any small Youtubers out there that want to support each other channels?❤️
    Reply when subbed and I will sub back. Asap❤️

  22. Currently obsessing over your videos. You have such an amazing sense of style & all of your videos are so perfect! x

  23. Tess ! pleease do a "Clueless" get the look video ♡ love ya

  24. cute ideas! your styling outfits vids are always my favorite cause I get some good ideas and inspiration and can make it my own!!! 🙂

  25. Tess, your videos are so amazing! your style is impeccable and I love how you never just sit and talk, you always have interesting shots and information in every video. If you're ever looking for new ideas, could you do a video on bras/underwear/lingerie? I think you'd make an amazing video on style as well as useful tips. 🙂 Keep it up girl!

  26. I love your style sooo much!!

  27. Very inspiring ….waiting for more :")

  28. Your shoes are so beautiful! Want them! 🙂

  29. Love the denim skirt and lace top outfit! So cute! <3

  30. Your shoes are juste so beautiful!! love it! ??

  31. My head is like literally swirling with new ideas. Thank you Tess you're the best! hugs from Denmark

  32. Like, my school and my cousin's doesn't has a dress code…. ?????????

    Am I the only one??

  33. If anyone wants to be YouTube friends, comment on my video letting me know !!

  34. that's the only shoes she got

  35. Outfit No. 2 is definitely my favorite! I need that denim skirt in my life. Great outfits!

  36. Omg Katy was there (hellokaty)

  37. I absolutly love those Keds but they sadly not available in Germany ?
    and I don't know where to buy them besides on
    Love U??

  38. can anyone tell me whats the songs in the video ??

  39. I absolutely love these shoes!! I live in the UK though so can't get them..pretty much heartbroken! xx

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