First Impressions Makeup Tutorial TESTING NEW MAKEUP!

Hey Larlee’s this video is a first impressions makeup tutorial. I test out MANY new products on the market including the covergirl clean matte foundation. As usual some worked great some were terrible. I also created a little bit different makeup tutorial for you guys. I love the graphic liner, but if you aren’t up for you can use black liner instead or no liner! Thanks for watching xo – Laura

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Covergirl clean matte foundation
Covergirl clean matte powder
IIkon lashes spaced out-
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soap and glory on heck of a blot primer –
ELF eyeborw Wax
KBeauty medium Kontour Kase
Loreal Volumous lash primer
UD Razor sharpe liner
Benefit precisely brow pencil 4
Kbeauty Koncealer
Tarte shape tape concealer – light med
Estee lauder sumtous waterproof lifting mascara
Coastal Scent bronze palette
TARTE inner rim liner

OFRA rodeo dr highlight –
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Huda liquid mattes- venus
MAC fix + spray

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  1. Did anyone notice that she used whiskers instead of britches ? for her eyeshadow

  2. No offence, but your face makeup looks bad x

  3. NOT surprised the Kardasian product was disappointing. They may be worth a lot of money but they don't ever give that back to the people that made them who they are today.

  4. Hey can you do a what makeup to wear in high school video

  5. How much is your pallet? I want one so bad ???

  6. omg just be my bestie please

  7. Girl I love my boxycharm and that palette! ❤

  8. When she says she going add britches but totally dipped into whiskers on her lower lash line

  9. Who already knew that Lauren was going to use tarte Concealer after the other one failed

  10. Laura Lee you are so pretty with out makeup and you are so good at doing makeup. PS I love you.

  11. i love this look? could you do a video with your favorite translucent drugstore and high end powder?

  12. Your so pretty I watch you like every day

  13. is it just me or is her blush patchy as hell??????

  14. She sounds like farrah Abraham no shade on this youtuber sorry for the insult but she does sound like her

  15. How do you do your eyebrows
    Can you do a video on for me plzz

  16. You are so beautiful and so funny? and your outfit today was just on fleek?

  17. im sorry but i hate when people blend with brushs ugh

  18. can you do full face makeup using the new gun metal brushes!!!!

  19. Is anyone else cringing at the way she said voluminous ?
    It's pronounced (Vah-loom-in-us)

  20. First off… I LOVE your pallet. I got one when it first came out, and I've honestly only used it like 3 times, but that's not because I hate it, it's because it's my baby, and I don't want to run out. EVER. I wanted to buy a second one, but I'm a mommy and everytime I even try to buy something for myself I just end up putting everything back to get my baby girl what she wants, so….. anywho… I just wanted to help you or a little bit. I love that you say words wrong, but you complained in another video that you couldn't say voluminous so….. say vol…ew…min… us. voluminous.

  21. You are so adorable lol I'm so glad I subscribed!! God bless you

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