1. Hi! 6 months into the year! How are you going with your fitness resolutions? I know it gets harder as the year goes on! I've just uploaded my fitness journey video if you want to check it out? I love how the YouTube community support and encourage each other! Cheers! xx

  2. I'm obsessed with water ?? I love the lemon in the water I never tasted the strawberry one but I'm thinking about it

  3. I love your videos!! ❤️❤️

  4. Can you make a video.. of how you got motivation for getting into workin out

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  6. and I just subscribed to your channel go and see Karina bear you'll love it

  7. nicoletta xo you should do what types of food to eat and how many calories video

  8. one of my new year resolution is to eat healthy and I feel like I have been pretty good at it. I mean I have my days here and there where I don't eat healthy but over all I think I'm doing all right. love you girlie!


  10. Can you do a video for healthy dinners?????

  11. I want to lose 20 pounds by summer

  12. I guess cholesterol is healthy now

  13. One of my new years resolutions is to change my life style to a healthy lifestyle!!

  14. I love watching ur video on youtube and u make amazing video on youtube

  15. I finally dropped below 180. I have come down about 5-6lbs in the 2-3 wks I've taken this weight loss green store tea. I have been restricting my food, but I was doing so with much slower results before trying this fat burner.

  16. u legit r goals. u r atully rlly inspiring myself to luv my self and take pride.

  17. you should make a healthy foods to eat every day video

  18. im 167 cm an 74 k how much u think i should lose

  19. i actually can't drink water. It makes me dizzy and makes me throw up. All I do is is drink shakes and juice. It makes it hardier to lose weight but, it still works just takes a little hardier.

  20. love your viddds then how can I not comment . pleeeeaase answer my comments

  21. Online grip letter criticize slowly estimate shortly plot businessman.

  22. wish I could with the junk food but stepdad is diabetic

  23. My resolution is to be healthy and to go to the gym at least five days in the week and to get good grades and to love myself more and get comfortable with my body and myself

  24. my new years resolution is to beat my eating disorder. i love watching your videos, theyre so inspiring and positive!

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