Fit PEOPLE LIFE HACKS + How to Lose Weight FAST


  1. This video was uploaded on my birthday

  2. can u plz do a video about how to get lean (slim) legs

  3. Please make a video on how to gain weight ?

  4. Those lashes are longer than my life time

  5. holding weights helps me do push ups like i hold the weights vertically

  6. your lashes are soo beautiful ????

  7. there are studies that prove intermittent fasting is better than eating every 2 hours from the time you wake up till you go to sleep ? I don't know it really worked with me

  8. what's up with those eyelashes??


  10. You deserve so many more subs 🙂

  11. do a video on how to stay motivated cos ill use fitness hacks n workouts for like a week but then after i lose confidence in myself and become unmotivated :((

  12. follow you on snap chat !!like your videos

  13. I feel sick without breakfast tbh

  14. can u make a video about healthy meals?? ilyy

  15. What's Luke warm ???

  16. you look so healthy Nicoletta. great to see somebody who is so nutritious and does it properly Ur proper inspiration. no short cuts is the best most sustainable way xxx thanks

  17. You need italian translation? of you want it on your video, contact me?

  18. Make a video how to be tall

  19. how much of that Apple cider vinegar did you take? was it about a tablespoon?

  20. Can there be more poeple like you???

  21. 2:47 whenever i do leg raises i always feel it in my thighs , never my core

  22. Can you use limes instead of lemons?

  23. Thanks for the awesome hacks. You really got me into exercise. thank you so much. ? ♥ ? ?

  24. fyi for the Apple cider vinegar to give you any heath benefits it needs to be raw

  25. her eyelashes were bothering me the whole time sorry

  26. I can't believe you're at over 200,000 subscribers now! I remember when I subbed you barely had 1,000. Way to go girl!!

  27. that moment when you thought she was Alisha Maria, just darker hair

  28. Where do u get ur workout clothes from??I like them?Love ya!❤️

  29. I literally got a advert before this video about not caring about what size/weight and loving yourself for who you are lol

  30. I love the fit life style but then again.. I also loove the shane dawson life style

  31. I love u helped lose so much wait

  32. ❤❤❤❤❤❤???????????????❣❣???????❤? your so beautiful and amazing

  33. I kinda got tired just watching this, I'm really trying to lose weight lol.

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    I make Workout videos. Im new on Youtube, check it out (;

  35. Great tips but with your leg lifts try twisting at the top to target v line taper

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