1. These types of results we’re never foreseen by me. I lost 5 pounds in only two days! Google “sowo amazing plan”. You need to try it. Just google this and read about it.

  2. Hi Nicoletta… I love love lovee your videos ???? can you pleaseee do a video on workout buns ? Thanks ?

  3. Nicoletta can you plz do a video of how you keep your teeth so white

  4. Love the background of the intro! The white walls look way better more clean looking I guess! Haha but nice video too! ☺️☺️????

  5. Can you do a fitness routine for busy people

  6. Thank you for this video!
    I also love coloring books 😀

  7. I know you're probably too busy to notice my comment or even reply but I just wanted to say
    that •I L♥️VE YOU• I added you on Snapchat but you haven't added me back yet and •Keep on doing you cause it's awesome• LOVE YOU?♥️

  8. Hi ! Nicolettaxo . I'm Ella from Philippines, i really love all your videos ? keep it up ?

  9. Could you please do workout videos

  10. OMG, you give great advice. We love you Soo much.

  11. OMG, you give great advice. We love you Soo much.

  12. when she's talking about protein in the shakes and ur first thought is
    "needs more protein"

  13. I like to do calf raises when I brush my teeth☺️

  14. Can you please do a 'What I Eat In A Day' Video!! Who else agrees? Like to help me get her to see :))

  15. Forever my inspiration ?? love you

  16. Okay so an old crush SAID that he likes me and wants to go out! I used to Like him for about 1 to 2 years kinda on and off but than durring the summer we couldnt talk much anymore. I know i love talking to him but i cant tell if i still like him , i feel like i do but i really wanna be sure, if you guys could give me advice on how to tell if i still like him than that would REALLY help! Thankssss!

  17. Can you make a video on building the core muscles please? ☺

  18. nicoletta you are like my role model for body

  19. I exercise and watch my diet but I haven't lost any weight someone please help me

  20. I feel self conscious to go to the gym

  21. Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!! Do a short people hack

  22. We don't have a track at our school because i live in the netherlands but i really love the video ❤️??

  23. Please do a video on how to get smaller thighs and smaller butt.

  24. I love this ? ? ILY sooooo much ?

  25. You can go to Polar cave. I walked threw caves and it's a good exercised. I'm not a hiking person but I like walk threw caves

  26. You said in the description box this video is not sponsored but in the actual video you said it is sponsored ?lol ?btw no hate what so ever

  27. Stress doesn't always lead to weight gain because my mom actually loses weight when she stresses

  28. This video was so helpful thank you please could you make a video on life hacks to get a sleep quicker xx?


  30. Do you know how eet or drink tumeric? Xx lottee ❤️❤️

  31. U should do a fitness routine for a teen girl!

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