Fitness Routine | What’s in my GYM BAG?!


  1. ILY! You are soo pretty!

  2. you pull off that lip color sooo well oh my goodness

  3. Nicoletta you are so gorgeous!!! I want to meet you so bad just yes girl keep being amazing!!

  4. Can you do leg or ab workouts? You're amazing by the way (:

  5. Whoa this routine looks like Cindy Crawford's workout tape from the 90s

  6. I love ur videos:) u r beautiful! Happy Valentine's! Ps can u follow me on Twitter @sherrycshen please! Love yaxx

  7. great video very helpful!
    where do you find the music for your videos?

  8. Are you Canadian because I love Canadian accents! Thankyou for following on ig stay perf bb

  9. You are literally the cutest and i love your videos so much, i would do anything for you to post one everyday lmao xx

  10. You are perfect plus this video going to be doing these everyday xo

  11. OMGGG you are such a beauty and u r very talented. I wish I could subscribe several! love ya

  12. Loving the purple lipstick (:

  13. Your so adorable!!!? I loved this! 😀 I loved how you just threw your hair up into a cute bun! Wish it was that easy for my hair! Hah!

  14. Heyyyy girl! I just subscribed to your channel and I'm excited to check out the videos! Good luck with everything! 🙂

  15. I'm loving theses routine videos, Nicole
    Before I start the video I like, sooooo good

  16. Thanks for following me on twitter! So glad I found you I love your videos 🙂

  17. i think you will become really big so keep trying and thank u for retweeting me im @/bailey_darnell8

  18. You should also do a video on bum workouts! 🙂 Loving your videos! I can definitely see you becoming big! 

  19. I really loved this video<3 really helped me thank you!<3

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