Flat-Belly and Tight-Booty Cardio Dance Workout | Class FitSugar

Celebrity trainer JJ Dancer takes dance workouts to a new level. Get ready to pop, kick, and burn calories.

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  1. Anyone know how many calories this is roughly? Great workout!

  2. I absolutely hate needing to exercise so much, but JJ's workouts make it so much more incredibly tolerable and energetic, thank goodness for her!

  3. Omg that's entirely too damn fast

  4. This a very good workout. I have been trying to find some cardio to mix with lifting weights. White girl can dance. And its a good routine. Thank you. On another note you have a very good personality. It makes it more fun.

  5. ok its 2018 and I'm still loving this workout JJ amazing!!!

  6. omg i loved doing this the best so far

  7. I'm so tickled at white girl. Lolol. Jesus I can't stop laughing

  8. The poor white girl in the back ?????. She keep’n up though. At least she trying to. Lmao

  9. I love this. And the all of your energy

  10. anna trying to twerk is the funniest

  11. anna looked too white and had no rhythm at all but at least she tried lol

  12. damnnn this is hard. ahhhh out of breath!

  13. I stopped exercising ever since I've gotten a mystery diagnosis that basically made me unable to do 90% of exercises. I decided enough is enough. I'm going to do what I can and do it the best I can.

  14. Maybe doing this my 5x and still so fun and challenging! Love JJ.

  15. Love these…Anna just want to thank you for being real. I always enjoy you. Big ups to them bootays !!

  16. Gal I download this week last and tried it out today firstly in the morning and and just some seconds ago damn Gal I so could feel the magic take place everywhere on my body?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

  17. It gets the heart rate up but you kinda give up cause the set changes are too quick. By the time you get they've moved on and you're lost and demotivated. SKIP

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