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Yes, your basic exercise routine will lengthen and tone your muscles, but how about a workout that makes you feel sexy? One that will most likely improve your sex life, too? Inspired by the confluence of Valentine’s Day and the opening of Fifty Shades of Grey on Feb. 13, we’ve created a fun and flirty floor workout with Leigh Ann Reilly, the founder of BeSpun Pole Dance Gym. Spend 10 minutes increasing your flexibility with hip rolls and sexy push-ups while sculpting your arms, legs, and glutes with sultry variations on classic exercises. No equipment is required, but feel free to wear your highest heels. Press play, and get ready to bring the sexy.

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  1. Umm I bet that bitch in the pink is getting horny at 2:20.

  2. Me encanta, he buscado por mucho tiempo este video, excelente

  3. This is one of the sexier leg work out on you tube the high hell lady's voice has sex appeal as well, brava!!!

  4. I had such a fun time doing this. Not only for my hudsband but for me too, its good to feels sexy and powerful too. Nice work out ??

  5. Although the red heels are quite distractive , this is a good workout for the legs n torso

  6. Lol in the exact same position and I cant do circles my arse is barely a inch off the floor have you ever actually considered some people working out arent already skinny?

  7. I like ur all videos expect this she looks really stupid with the hi heels workout

  8. Bummer that she's acting this stupid.. i got injured a while but and this stretch works well.. but i can tho this without the music and touching my body and high heels…..


  10. I can't put my butt on my legs, it Hürth so much my legs

  11. ????? The girl with high heels look SUPER Stupid??.

  12. was I suppose to get turnt on?

  13. be honest…i dont like see you are wearing that heels..sorry 🙁

  14. i love it im going to work on these moves and try them out for my bf lol

  15. More videos Like this please i this video was very fun and effective but I have to play daily and I would like to play other videos like this but I haven't been able to find ones that aren't showing some females ass 

  16. can guys also do this workout?

  17. I love this workout! (If My Hubby is walking by, I don't always get to finish). I do it every Saturday. It's fun and sexy to release your inner stripper. Yes, it's also an effective workout and wear the heels with platform for stability.

  18. you have a right to know what your watching pause at 3.40 shoulders

  19. The girl in the heals looks like a 2$ hoe who will steal ur man lol shes trying to hard

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