Floral Lace Nail Art Design

Prom is right around the corner, and today we’ll be working on this gorgeous floral lace nail art design. Keep the colors neutral for an everyday look, or match the color of your dress for that perfect prom manicure!

Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you so much I am going to wear a black lace dress perfect!!!!!

  3. Omg, this is perfect for my winter formal in which i am going with my crush!! XD

  4. This should be more for weddings

  5. I really love this tutorial

  6. This is perfect! Congratulations! I will try them but I'm not good in drawing so I'm going to use a nail stamper 😀

  7. can i do this on almond shape nails?

  8. Damn Julie! Back at it again with an awesome nail tutorial!????

  9. Can you do a peace sign nail art tutorial please??????????

  10. nice,but i don't have this tools ,you help me plz

  11. this so cute
    im going to do this for my prom

  12. This is the first video i watched since many years ago, and I'm surprised bc her voice changed so much?

  13. Here r some enoji's:
    ?????????????✌✂???????☺? which 1 is ur favorite? mine is ?

  14. The flowers look like Daisies, which is convenient because many proms nowadays do a Gatsby theme

  15. Am i the only one who watch this and never does it?

  16. I feel like she's not even doing her tutorials anymore ?

  17. not to be rude but who is Julie her bestfriend

  18. yes I didn't mean it like that

  19. You sound different when you do the voiceover because in the other nail vids, you have a higher voice.

  20. You make it look so easy n I was like, yes! I got dis fammm n I tried it n I was like omfg ????????

  21. I subscribed for you NOT other people?

  22. do your recent emojis

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