Floral Vintage Rose Nail Art

A vintage rose floral nail art design for this spring and summer.

list of products used:

  • opi’s nail envy
  • eyeko vintage polish
  • opi chapel of love
  • china glaze’s starboard
  • eyeko saucy polish
  • seche vite dry fast top coat


  1. But would a toothpick work instead of a paint brush ?

  2. She sounds like she has a bit of an accent in this video does anyone know what it is?

  3. Thank you so much, this tutorial was great and easy to follow, I didn't use the exact colors though,But it worked! 🙂 I'm very satisfied with my nails! 

  4. doing thsese or your dripping floral nails!

  5. Great help, mine look fab! Did big ones on my right hand as I'm useless at nail art with my left!

  6. My mom asked me to do her nails so I handed her my iPod and had her pick something off my board on pinterest, she picked a pic of this design so I double checked your video and they look great!!

  7. you should try it with Wight stipes in the back ground 🙂

  8. I don't know why this comment has got me in fits of giggles,
    I think it's what would happen to me :') thankyou for making my day! xx

  9. Thank you sooo much! Very easy and really cute, everyone loves them:)

  10. can you make videos for kids nails, cuz my youngest sister loves to paint her nails but her nails are always too small for the design

  11. you are so good this is 9 year old me Valerie and I love the design! Hope you make more awesome vids!!!

  12. i really want to know what you look like

  13. I have a new nail tutorial channel. Please check it out.

  14. you are such an inspiration to me and my friends! we hope that u continue being a pro.

  15. Just did this design and it came out really good!

  16. Omg her first vid was released on my b day!!!!

  17. Who could ever dislike this??!

  18. This is the best nail channel ever!!!!

  19. is that profile pic from the Shaytards? 🙂

  20. practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!! 🙂

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