Four Styles – Chrome, Stickers, Calligraphy and Glitter Gel

Suzie uses four different styles all matching in an Elegant Nail Art Theme using Chrome, Decals, and Calligraphy Pen on Glitter Gel Polish.

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  1. china patterns are so cute ? my grandparents have that wedgewood… ive been trying to do this china pattern freehand on my toes forever.

  2. I could see how using your finger might warm up the sticker a little bit if it is being difficult….it might make it stick better?

  3. I love listening to camera man…he is so supportive!!!! Love love love!!!

  4. I love watching your videos

  5. Your camera man legit makes me laugh every video lol

  6. It also looks like Russian Gzhel ))

  7. You're Canadian! I love you even more 🙂

  8. I think she maybe canadian x x i love the way she says about x love love love this lady. xx x x so talented

  9. reminds me of delftsblue, its looking awesome

  10. Yes, it looks like Flow Blue China!! So beautiful!

  11. Suzie you got to check "Portuguese tiles", or how we call them, "azulejos". This design reminded me of azulejos and I think you could find some inspiration in it! I looove your channel! ?

  12. Honestly, you can see the stickers peeling up polish and not laying flat….

  13. So funny how popular accent nails are now. To me, that is my polish testing nail. Generally, when I get a new polish, I just put it on my pinky, or ring finger, to see how it looks.. how it looks with a different amount of coats on it, etc. Right now, I have four nude nails, and one that's blue, because I got a new blue gel and wanted to see how well it works, and how long it will stay on.. ^_^ Still loving your videos.. I don't think I"ll get them finished tonight, though.. ???

  14. Is cameraman her husband?? I'd love for him to be on a video!

  15. doesn't it look like the sticker on the glitter nail is lifting (after top coat) @11:06

  16. I just bought three hundred dollars in mismatched china because of this video

  17. I wanna see a colab between her and simplynaillogical

  18. I literally spend almost every night running my phone battery to empty watching your videos! You are so awesome and wonderful to watch and listen to ?

  19. Reminds me of the willow pattern, stunning

  20. Suzie with her chrome is like beauty gurus with their highlighter ?

  21. What is the science behind the chrome nails? Like how does the powder change into such a slick surface? I always like to know the science of how things work 🙂

  22. I think it must be a Canadian thing to not be able to pronounce Decal. Lol. Suzie and Cristine!

  23. the china is called willow pattern

  24. I believe the china pattern you were thinking sbout is blue willow. Love your nails!

  25. Love your videos even though I'm scared to get my nails done. The blue and white is like Delf china from Holland, also. My favorite.

  26. Antique its blue china, imitation china is called floating blue china because the Europeans couldn't copy it, and the blue would run.

  27. can you tell me where to purchase your calligraphy pen? thanks love your videos?

  28. Spode China might be the tea set you're referring to! we use Spode at work and it's beautiful. Kind of like toile!

  29. It reminds me of Willow Pattern china

  30. the most beautiful nails i've ever seen <3 lovely

  31. Suzie, do you have your own nail kit.? If so where can I find it.?

  32. Suzie's designs are always tasteful and impossibly decadent.

  33. It makes me think of The Netherlands, my home country :). You have so much blue white design things.. Would love to see a nailart video with that! Cute little Mills etc 😀 <3

  34. I think the chrome would look really good on top of some 3D acrilic flowers! 🙂 Please try it out! Like just a flower at the bottom of the nail and then get everything covered in chrome powder! n.n I think the 3D effect in chrome will look amazing!!

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