Fresh Glowing Makeup Tutorial l Christen Dominique

Hi everyone! here is how i get glowing skin without having glowing skin! Hope this helps : ) Comment below what product you use to get glowing skin?

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  1. Girl, what blemishes are you talking about? I didn't see a single one. You are incredibly gorgeous and talented.

  2. I really didnt like how the products looked everything looked to greasy

  3. Hi! Im from philippines, you are so pretty and gorgeous…god bless, keep it up

  4. oh my god ! you are sooo beautifull!

  5. You sound so much like ThatsHeart! It's crazy. Lol.

  6. Beautiful! This is my fav type of makeup. What eye palette are you using? 

  7. Wow you are so beautiful and swit love you and please never ever stop make your vidoes ❤❤

  8. What could be a drugstore version of the foundation used?

  9. I love this look.very natural and fab

  10. All is good, except lips need more pigmentation.

  11. I love your videos and youre so pretty

  12. Omg I love you so much your stunning your such an inspiration and you make me happy??x

  13. I love the Pacifica grey eye pencil!! Applies smooth and pigmented

  14. This was diffidently a sponsored video

  15. You are ridiculously pretty!!

  16. I definitely do not mind sponsored videos, but let me know or  else I feel  like someone is trying to hide something made so OBVIOUS in which case  im watching a Pacifica Beauty commercial

  17. Love this look

  18. Eyebrows I love your eyebrows please do a tutorial

  19. I love you so much your so nice and I love the look Xx

  20. Very pretty n simple look. .. Luv it!! 🙂

  21. Love it… It's so pretty and glowy…

  22. "I love you" is something you throw around so freely. You don't know these people to the extent of being able to say "I love you". In actuality, it makes saying "I love you" mean less. The dollies thing is also very childish, it's not even a cute, endearing saying. It's outright ridiculous.

  23. She's so gorgeous it makes me upset

  24. I do love how you used Pacifica Makeup! It is Cruelty free and Vegan! No animal testing or any animal ingredients!!!! 🙂

  25. Love Pacifica! For this look, the bronzer did not look great on your temples! It looked great on your cheeks. The color was too bright and shiny for your oily skin. I'm so glad you are sponsored by Pacifica!

  26. So beautyfull 3 3 i loved it

  27. I love its perfect!! 😉

  28. You are so beautiful, really love your tutorials!! <3

  29. Im in love with you and your videos <3 Your so beautiful and sweet x

  30. Love your videos. So pretty .!!

  31. Oh my. You are so flawless <3 i love this look,I'm definitely going to try it tomorrow!!

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