Freshen Up Your SICK DAY! Makeup, Hair +Tips!

Hello my beauties!! The past few days i’ve been sick with a cold! I took two full days to rest, but today I am back to filming! I originally planned on waking up to film a halloween video… but I still felt a bit crappy this morning. The thought of blow drying my hair, and piling on a ton of makeup just didn’t sit right with me today. SO! I figured I would turn my situation into a tutorial and take you guys through a quick pamper session for those days you are forced to get back into reality! This video isn’t for your ACTUAL sick days! Sick days = 0 makeup & lots of rest. This video is more to help you get back into the swing of things while looking more refreshed 😉 I hope you enjoy!!! Love you my muffins 🙂 XOXO Carli

Makeup Details: All Drugstore!