Freshen Up Your SICK DAY! Makeup, Hair +Tips!

Hello my beauties!! The past few days i’ve been sick with a cold! I took two full days to rest, but today I am back to filming! I originally planned on waking up to film a halloween video… but I still felt a bit crappy this morning. The thought of blow drying my hair, and piling on a ton of makeup just didn’t sit right with me today. SO! I figured I would turn my situation into a tutorial and take you guys through a quick pamper session for those days you are forced to get back into reality! This video isn’t for your ACTUAL sick days! Sick days = 0 makeup & lots of rest. This video is more to help you get back into the swing of things while looking more refreshed 😉 I hope you enjoy!!! Love you my muffins 🙂 XOXO Carli

Makeup Details: All Drugstore!


  1. Everytime I'm craving a healthy glowy makeup look, I always turn to this, two years later. Thank you Carli! ?

  2. Watching this because I am sick :((

  3. Please do a mascara routine! Your eyelashes really make your eyes look bigger which is a look we are all looking for.

  4. you look a bit like Danielle Peazer

  5. Wait.. She named this video 'freshen up a SICK day' but then she said that this makeup look is not for you if you're actually sick

    Then change the damn title.

  6. Wow! I love your videos! You are stunning and seem so genuine – this really made me happy to watch! Thank you for the tips, I've always had trouble covering my dark circles, I'm going to try out the Nyx concealer in salmon. ♡

  7. Does she model? If not she should ?

  8. u look gorgeous
    i love ur tips <3

  9. U so cute…. I like this vdo….??????

  10. Can you tell us the eyeshadow shade and lipstick name you used here?

  11. your so pretty and I love your eye colour

  12. what is your natural hair color

  13. Don't forget if your sick or have been sick to wash all your brushes!!

  14. I just love your informative tutorial…

  15. I cant do this. My nose will be watery and i will keep on stuffing tissues and the foundation arnd my nose will be gone in minutes

  16. For a Dutch braid, I accidentally learned how to do it about 2 years ago, but it's like a French braid but instead of taking the hair from both sides you take it from the front of you head/braid and keep adding on until there is no more hair to braid.

  17. Thank you! I love your videos!

  18. Seriously, god bless for your sweetness, you made my day!

  19. Beautiful and effortless hairstyle, love it 🙂

  20. "I haven't filled these bad boys up in a day" wowwwww. A DAY

  21. At the moment I have the flu. I attempted this look and it made me feel better but i was still having the fever and such. it just made me feel good i guess since i didn't look like crap. So thank you for this tutorial!

  22. love this video xx it really helped me xxx I used it nearly every day for school now xx thanks xx

  23. thank u carli so so much for the recipe i feel so much better .

    >3 love u .

  24. what mascara are you using?

  25. You are ridiculously gorgeous. Your eyes are STUNNING and your skin is so gosh darn clear!

  26. absoultey cute n adorable. What a sweetheart your are. Thank you for your positive energy. YOu've earned much Karma pts. for this.

  27. Anyone else sick when watching this?

  28. You are one of the most gorgeous persons I have ever SEEN! I don't understand how you wear foundation and powder and concealer with highlighting and all this stuff on your face and not break out a bunch! That's super lucky! Could you do a video on maybe some tips for cleaning off makeup and cleaning out your pores to prevent breakouts?? That would be awesome! I'm super discouraged from putting stuff on my face because I'm afraid my skin would be horrible! But yours seems amazing!!!

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  30. omg I cant explain how much I loved this video

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