From Bad Hair Day to Great Hair Day – My Hair Routine Tips

Here is my hair routine from a bad hair day to a great hair day! These are the tips and products that I use on a daily / weekly basis to take my hair from a dry frizzy mess to silky and bouncy.

I struggle with oily and frizzy hair, especially on second day hair. It’s the worst combination! This is how I battle my second day oily roots and dry frizzy ends. I can do this routine in 15 minutes or less (usually 10 minutes or less). So it is quick and easy, great for long or short hair. Just a great way to get yourself out the door for school, work, or moms on the go! I hope you enjoy! PS Ulta challenged me to show you how I create a good hair day, but these are products that I have enjoyed for a long, long time!


  1. This video was so helpful as I have bad hair days all the time thank you so much

  2. Anyone have any quick hair routines for school and for thick, frizzy hair

  3. As a black girl I can't do this in my hair

  4. honestly the problem with my hair is that it gets oily on second day??? and its so frustrating because my friends have like fourth day hair or whatever and it still looks good but my second day hair looks like it hasnt seen the shower in months

  5. i wish i had your kind of hair!!!!

  6. Love ur background . how did u get that

  7. The bad hair day thing is really relatable

    cause I look like that everyday ?

  8. Thank you Kayley! This really helps and your channel is amazing!!!

  9. you're beautiful, but all the posing pisses me off

  10. You look like Teddy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie in the thumbnail!

  11. What do you mean bad hair day? That's what my hair looks like everyday 🙁

    (Great video nonetheless)

  12. U kinda looked like Sabrina Carpenter

  13. I love tour work but I have to say that in this case you can just have a shower instead of putting a hundred of products on your hair

  14. Your good hair still looked a little flat and greasy. Not hating just my opinion sorry

  15. my name is spelled the same way

  16. Do you have any specific dry shampoos or leave in conditioners that you recommend above others? You use so many different products and I think I've seen you use at least three or four different dry shampoos. What's your favourite? You and I have similar textures.

  17. your hair still looked good on the bad hair day

  18. You're video's are so great! And your hair is so beautiful! I want to ask you if you could make a video about hairstyles to wear, for sport or movement, because i have to go to school on my bike and when i make those cute hairstyles, and i'm finally at school, the wind already blowed it out, i love you're video's! X ❤️

  19. I tried these tips today. Even though i washed my hair, it was still a bit dodgy. Thanks Kayley, this has helped me out! 🙂 <3

  20. is there anyway to remove scalp easily?

  21. hi kayley. first I want to thank you for a great channel and for being such a sweetheart. Love your videos 🙂 how often do you wash your hair ? and do you let it dry before using your brush?

  22. hi kayley! i just subscribed! can u do a video on good produces from sallys and other places!

  23. your bad hair day is my good hair day

  24. Thats a really nice tip! Thanks!

  25. tfw when her bad hair day is my hair on a good day haha

  26. how about washing your hair when they're oily?…. i was forced to use dry shampoo when i was at the hospital and couldn't wash my hair… but now i would never use it.. XD

  27. This was so helpful!! I have hair just about as long and never know what to do to make second day hair look good again. Thanks! Picked up less expensive leave in condition and a dry shampoo, and it worked!

  28. Hi Kayley, love your channel 🙂 . One question: Could you maybe recommend products for dark red hair? Because dry shampoo usually leaves a grey film that's very hard to get rid of and my hair is very frizzy as well. And do you know any good products to cover up your roots when you didn't have time to go to the hairdresser? (I have a greyish blonde as my natural color and whenever my roots show it looks like I'm getting bald spots ^^) Greetings from Austria

  29. This was really helpful 🙂 Thankyou <3
    I have got a question: how do you clean your hairbrushes?

  30. I Absolutely ♡ You! You Are So Pretty!!

  31. Great hair routine, Kayley! Your hair turned out gorgeous!

  32. ???????????????????????????????????????????? even your bad hair day hair didn't even look that awful! you're a hair goddess Kayley!

  33. im soooo jealous of ppl who arent allergic to the powder from dry shampoo. i have no choice but to wash my hair.

  34. honestly your bad hair is my hair every single day and even when I use dry shampoo/volume powder or simply curl it, the final great hair look, won't last longer than 1-2 hours, because my hair is too heavy. So than I'm back to a bad hair day look. Asian hair sucks haha

  35. Loved it new sub ❤️??

  36. I do use dry shampoo on the regular, but it never occurred to me to use a leave in conditioner on day three hair. I will try that tomorrow.

  37. You look so happy in the video, it's inspiring 🙂

  38. Great tips! Your hair is beautiful and shiny! Thumbs up?

  39. love you so much ! you are the best ?☁

  40. And you're so funny,too.☺☺☺☺☺☺???????

  41. Hey,Kayley Melissa. This video is so great and amazing. I loved it when your hair goes straight and narrow.☺☺☺☺☺☺???????

  42. I still can't understand why people are using dry shampoo on oily hair instead of wash hair…

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