From Brass to Class

Joey Graceffa played with his hair by using a box color. So I changed his brass roots to Blue/Violet Silver that we both love. Do you like his new look? Comment below and don’t forget to share.

Products used:

Joey Graceffa:
Glazed with Kenra SV. Kenra Color Silver Metallic Demi Permanent 7SM at the base with blue booster and Kenra Color Demi Permanent 8SM on mid shaft to ends with violet booster both with 9% Kenra Developer.

I am so excited for the new Kenra Metallic shades coming out Nov 1 – Violet Metallics 7VM, 8VM and 9VM both in Permanent and Demi-Permanent and Silver Metallics 7SM, 8SM and 10SM in Demi-Permanent.
It will be available at CosmoProf, Armstrong MCCall Stores, State Beauty, Salon Centric and RDA Pro-Mart!


  1. Most annoying gay person ever. Not Guy!

  2. At like 5:57 guy was getting a chest shot of the sister ? (it's only a joke XD )

  3. "You're ready on the top!!!" :p hahah

  4. @guytang I will let you dye my hair green!!!!

  5. may i ask what did you tone the hair with after lifting? it look so nice even before the colors.

  6. I NEED my hair done by Guy. My hair looks like butt.

  7. Way do you say like all the time it is so anoing

  8. no puns intended omg guy stuff you say

  9. Thank you Guy,
    You are massively talented and amazing to your clients. You're inspiring, and it's contagious! You have found your metier, and have reminded me that one day I'm going to find mine–and be just as full of passion and joy doing my life's work as you always are in these awesome videos. You've given an overworked, overstressed student and animal healer (and ex cosmo) a new lease on life in the middle of one hell of a shit week!
    Keep being fabulous you,

  10. I have virgin black hair,I want blue black, what do I do?

  11. Guy: "You gotta do what you gotta do"

    Anyone? No? Ok, I'll go home.

  12. It would be so awesome to have guy do my hair. He's the fucking master and joey is a biscuit. Lol

  13. Guy I want you to dye my hair

  14. he forgot to tag him BAHAHAHAH LOL i know im hella xtra

  15. Who else replayed the beginning over and over

  16. Cinderella in the background

  17. Who I watching this in 2017

  18. Am I the same only one who got distracted by Cinderella??

  19. he looks like the mayor from the grinch that stole Christmas

  20. Anyone else catch themselves watching Cinderella in the background instead of the actual video?

  21. One guy was pouring in the activator look at Joeys face it is hilarious he seem so nervous 16:23

  22. OMG I really miss u coloring joeys hair but I like his decision about keeping his natural

  23. Joey looks like he could be a male hair model

  24. it would be so awesome if next year's pride month, Guy coloured hair like different pride flag colours (pan, bi, ace, rainbow etc)

  25. How much does he take to do one dye??

  26. Is guy gay ? I'm just wondering nothing wrong if he is


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