Frosty Winter Makeup Tutorial


  1. Crazy to think that this was the video that made me want to subscrive! You've come so far since then and I have loved watching your journey!!

  2. But what is her hair colour? I loooove this one

  3. Cam u do a morning/night routine! I love ur skin it's so flawless and clear???

  4. I've been looking everywhere for a wintery look and I was just scrolling through your youtube homepage and found this tutorial! Like my love for you has never been so big. Like seriously XD Love you! xx

  5. definitely doing this look today!

  6. Reminds me of Perrie Edwards look a little, very nice 🙂

  7. why is the sky trapped in your eye balls

  8. You look like Gigi Hadid, no joke!

  9. Come on guys, I cant be the only one who thinks she really looks like GOT's Sansa AND Arya in one person! You're so pretty! Glad I discovered your channel :3

  10. I love your videos and you are insanely beautiful !! I also love doing makeup and i thought about starting makeup tutorials so i'd be more than grateful if you could maybe give me a piece of advice !
    P.S: You have a great personality too and I really hope you see this ! 🙂

  11. Your eyebrows are prefect…

  12. What editing program does she use?

  13. I loved the way you said "chocolate" haha and this look is gorrrrgeous!!

  14. your eyebrows are too dark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Love how soft this is! Absolutely stunning.

  16. Have filmed a winter make up tutorial look on my channel, would really appreciate anyone checking it out!

  17. Love this makeup look. It looks great on you definitely may favorite look of yours. And those eyes are hypnotizing me. ??

  18. I really love your videos, they are all so well explained thanks !! 

  19. You should do a skin care routine

  20. You don't you need foundation gorgeous! ?

  21. Hey why don't you put all your other social media links in your description? ? just subbed I love your channel already

  22. I just found your channel and can I just say that I love you already! X

  23. Hey Hun great video looked lovly just to let you know I'm holding a give away over on my channel if your interested

  24. Your haircolor and your brows are flawless!i'm so jealous haha xx

  25. How do you keep your hair so healthy?! xx

  26. Whats your hair colour ? Is it natural?

  27. You're beautiful and you look like cara delevingne o:

  28. I like this look btw I'm so jealous of your eyes! gorgeous as always!! 😀

  29. Do you have an accent? Sorry, maybe I'm hearing things! Beautiful tutorial btw!! X x x

  30. Congratz on 60k subs !! You truly deserve every one of them !!

  31. I just found your channel and wow! You have so much talent! I've only watched to of your videos so far but your my new favorite!!!

  32. You're so inspiring ???
    Please, make a night/morning routine video!

  33. Your skin looks really flawless, please update your skin routine or night routine. We would love to know

  34. your hair is getting so blonde! looks lovely (: x

  35. I love your tutorials! They are definitely my favorite on youtube. I've used the blush on the nose trick too, and I think it's adorable. My go-to is rockateur by benefit. Anywho, great job as always!

  36. Beautiful xx
    Do you have Instagram?

  37. how did   you get that hair color?? that is soo beautifull on you and i would like my hair to be that color!

  38. Can you play the guitar as I can see one in the background xx p.s love ya xx

  39. Ur videps are amazing! You should be a model!!! Btw, I love the look! ❤

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