Fruity Pebbles-Inspired Neon Hair

Jennifer is back! Do you like her hair bright?! Comment below


  1. je suis la seule française ici!?

  2. I LOVE IT IT'S SO MAGICAL I WANT MY HAIR LIKE THAT!?????❤??????????????

  3. Ohh I would love my hair like this!! My hair is too my bum so lots of colours would look amazing, come to the uk and give me the rainbow!

  4. Guy I love you but I hate attention lol

  5. Can he be the first to dye my hair???

  6. Is it just me or i just feel like a brighter colors is more unhealthy for your hair instead of natural colrs

  7. I LOVE My Little Pony hair looks. I know you call it Fruity Pebbles, but all hair like this to me is MLP forever!! 😀 <3

  8. Little tip for bleaching for those who don't know. If you are not using an on scalp bleach (to prevent burning), then you can use regular hair bleach but put a packet of Sweet-n-Low in it. It will stop the burning if you are using off scalp bleach on the scalp.

  9. what type of bleach do you use??

  10. Why bleach the roots if you're going to dye them dark again?

  11. You are sooo amazing I love u I watch all your videos u do things my hair dressers never do I’m truly amazed and not to mention I see like such a sweet great person I would love to have u do my hair I live in central Cali and would drive to Hollywood to have u do my hair also I’m going to be starting beauty school soon and I would love to be able to get a few pointers !!!! I watch all your videos ahhh I need u sooo bad to fix my hairanormal. Hairtivity !!!!! Cuz I do not know what is gonna happen if u don’t !!!! Lmao love u

  12. You and those braces just make me smile lol so precious

  13. I wiiiiiiiiiiish I had such unicorn hair…I even took a photo of it and asked at my local hair salon if they could do it…they said they could ( I doubt it though ) and it would be around 150-200 bucks x.x still scared they might ruin it instead for a lot of money =/ wish I could pay YOU to color my hair like that…sigh…

  14. Omg omg I love love love!!!!!

  15. I loved the hair until I saw the green mixed in and like he said it just overpowered everything but I still liked it

  16. Love the colours, I so love Guy Tang to colour my hair all the colours purple, you’ll have to come to Australia.

    Love the Rainbow colours ??????????????

  17. My mom would not let my sister dye her hair like that

  18. You are just amazing at what you do fair play!!?

  19. Fruity Pebbles? No way, you should have called this "Lisa Frank"

  20. I wish you could do my hair ughhh I know you would work wonders on it ??

  21. I’m obsessed with this ??

  22. I would tell her no gum next time.. takes the focus off the hair.

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