Full Coverage Makeup Routine

Hi Sweet Supporters! ♡ Finally a full face video again. I really enjoyed creating this look. If you have any requests for my next full face video then please let me know in the comments (What kind of shades etc.)

Wouldn’t be where I am today without your support and believe in me. Hope to meet you all one day and hug you ♡ An


  1. My cute Girl ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

  2. Your so beautiful ??❣️

  3. Your eyes look so much bigger without makeup and u look better without it, your stunning! My eyes are the same shape as yours except a little more deeper. No matter what makeup look I do my eyes don't pop like other people's do…I hate my shapeless eyes?

  4. You should do more full face videos !!

  5. You are much more beautiful with a minimum make up or even without any make up.:)
    Your natural beauty is much better than any make up.
    Please, don't get me wrong. I like a lot your work and I regularly learn from your incredible work . It is just I never knew how nice you look with a naked face. 🙂

  6. Hi hi ……. Funny remark on 2.40 ……. 'This bronzer gives me a super natural finish'…… Get the impression that make up vloggers get used to so much make up. Not that i don't like that because you look stunning with all that make up!

  7. you are absolutely beautiful and talented

  8. You have such beautiful skin! Its flawless!

  9. wow i just found your channel and i love all your makeup looks ! you're so beautiful ! Love xxx from canada !

  10. I'm late here because I just discovered your channel a week ago I think doing just surfing through your videos. I love your technique.

  11. You are the greatest youtube MUA that I have really taken too!! I am a Cosmetologist in TX I do everything from MUA to pedicures, in other words, I do from head to toes. From your channel, I have learned so much than I ever did in Cosmetology school thank you for sharing your tips!!

  12. Beauty! I love it when you do full face tutorials!

  13. Meanwhile, I do this look and people be like "Girl. No."

    Thank you for sharing with us!

  14. so beautiful just subscribed ♥

  15. Also what camera do you use to film?

  16. I love all of your looks! What do you use to get the different colored backgrounds? They're so clean and professional looking 🙂

  17. I'm so happy I found your channel ?

  18. Somewhere over the rainbow….

  19. new subby! girl I love your channel!. very very very easy to follow

  20. An, you get more and more beautiful all the time! Stunning.

  21. You look like you over did the plastic surgery. ??

  22. A RAINBOW is a beautiful thing to stare at. ?

  23. natural beauty an!! wish that you do more of these videos, your make up routine is amazing..you could even do RAINBOW eyes make up look ??❤

  24. Wow, so gorgeous. I love this look.

  25. FLAWLESS always flawless… Love all your detailed tutorials! My favourite!

  26. Yay finally another full face video! You have beautiful features, wish you would do full face more often! Beautiful look, as always xx

  27. dear konk cutcrease only made for you ,

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