Hi loves! It’s officially fall, on my channel = P ! We have our first fall makeup tutorial that is definitely inspired by a PSL rustic leaf falling. Get ready to get fall glam, and watch me transform into a PSL. I personally can only drink one cup to say I did it, but it isn’t my favorite flavor. What is your favorite fall drink? let me know in the comments.


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Equipment Used:

  • Camera: Cannon 5D Mark IV
  • Lens: Cannon 24-70 mm F2.8
  • Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X

I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to do me and keep doing what I love, no matter how weird I am! Weird is a compliment. If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you! You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. Sorry about the audio in the intro >.< it gets better once the tutorial starts my loves! Happy FALL!!!! Don't forget to let me know your favorite fall drinks in the comments! I need a new one!

  2. Where I'm from pumpkin is almost exclusively used in savoury cooking, so the concept of sweet drinks and baking made with it is such an odd concept to me.

  3. Christen Dominique I love this video can you make more videos with this pallet Please Please ?????

  4. Does that banana powder give flashback?!

  5. Could you Please show the end Result at the END!!! of the vid

  6. I love this look! Your videos inspire me so much (as a fellow brunette and brown eyed babe). This is the first time I have ever commented to anyone on youtube but I wanted to let you know that your videos are amazing and your story and positive vibe is so soothing.

  7. I love your nails, what colour do you use??

  8. hi christen you look lovely but why did you cut your hair

  9. take a shot everyone she says pumpkin spice, lmao!! Luv u b

  10. This look is everything!!!! I love it!

  11. I didn't even start watching the video when I immediately gave it a thumbs up. I LOVE your channel, please keep it up! xx

  12. Can we all appreciate how stunning she is inside and out ❤️x

  13. OMFG! Yo, this makeup look is a bomb! Will totally gonna do this in the future! <3

  14. I would've taken that palette to sephora or where ever they sell it and exchange it lol I need ALL my shades.

  15. yaaaazzz guurrllll u slay and u cute ? ly

  16. Do something inspired by fifth harmony please

  17. Hi Christen! Please make new relaxing and cozy fall morning routine…

  18. what color is on your nails????

  19. What lash glue do you use? Very beautiful by the way


  21. your contour game is always so strong

  22. that's beautiful idea but you've already with full of makeup so try to come without makeup and then apply your ideas live doing makeup to your face that'll helpful for us.

  23. Question? Do you think their is a interest in a 45 year old doing makeup tutorials? It seems most of the beauty you tubers are very young in other words am I to old to start?

  24. Wow this look was amazing !!!and your absolutely incredible and so funny your videos always make my day love you ???

  25. I love this look! Very pretty!

  26. Salted caramel mocha frappucino from Starbucks

  27. I love your videos, you are a great youtuber who I definitely look up to? I know this is a long shot & it probably sounds ridiculous but I'm willing to give it a chance & see how far this goes. At my school, we are having a trip to London, Barcelona, & Paris. Of course I cannot afford to pay for it which is why I'm reaching out to you. Not only is this a great experience but it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn many new things around the world & explore different places. Of course this is for educational purposes only and at this point, anything helps. I made a go fund me to raise the money for this. If you can, please share and help me reach this goal, I appreciate it so much. ❤️ 

  28. I love drinking hot chocolate ? I love this look! You're so beautiful christen I can't wait for your makeup line!! I need that latte palette on my life! ??♥️☕️

  29. There's another YouTuber, Naomi Jon, and in the middle of her makeup tutorial, the shade Cosmo fell completely off also just like yours :c

  30. Seems like there is something wrong with comso in general considering it broke in Naomi Jon's video as well.

  31. yessss more fall looks please!

  32. Where did you get your necklace from ?! Could you please send us the link ?! Thank you dear in advanced ??

  33. omg i love you so much but it would be great if you could do some more tutorials with eyeshadow pallets that a lot of people have like modern renaissance or some of the naked palettes 
    i love your eye looks so much but i can never recreate them bc some of the palettes you use are pretty random
    love your videos

  34. i was about to complain to my husband that his headphones sucked but then i read the comment that said "sorry about the audio" lol

  35. You're so beautiful Christen! Inside and out! ??? I love that you do makeup tutorials! Thank you so much!! Congratulations on everything!! Best wishes to you and your cute family! Take care ???

  36. I don't like drinking Starbucks.

  37. Is it really xxx hot cheetos?

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