FULL DRUGSTORE NYE Makeup Tutorial NO false Lashes, Drugstore Brushes | Revlon

Hey Larlees here is a quick and easy all revlon drugstore NYE makeup tutorial. Thanks to Revlon for partnering with me on this video to create an all drugstore makeup tutorial. This look is very wearable with no false lashes and all drugstore brushes are used! thanks for watching xo- Laura


D I S C O U N T – C O D E S


  1. You are gorgeous omg don't mind me just bring watching all your videos btw I LOVE YOU☺️

  2. Sorry this video just sounds too rehearsed, like an infomercial tbh

  3. Love her videos.. I just started my channel and I would love if you guys checked it out ❤?❤

  4. ive seen those brushes at walgreens but they were like 1999 thats expensive for me …. since the minimum wage is $9 an hour in illinois…?..

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  5. Laura amazing like always …. Hello everybody I just started my YouTube channel and I woke him y'all to subscribe to my channel and I'll make sure to subscribe back thank you

  6. Do u remember what nail polish you're wearing?❤️

  7. Such a good foundation? I'm spending the day catching up on all my favourite youtubers! Hope you have a good day Laura ?

  8. I love that your makeup isn't over the top. I think your makeup is the most subtle and beautiful

  9. you try too hard. Being someone other than yourself will catch up to you. You know what i mean.

  10. Happy NEW YEARS. I have a feeling that 2017 is gonna be amazing ?✨
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