FULL FACE FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Fenty Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics & More

All new makeup! I was so excited to try a lot of these newbies especially the correctors Could you see yourself buying any of the new products? I’ll be reading your comments : )

Love you!


  • Dermablend instagram Primer $33
  • Dermablend Flawless Creator $40
    Shade:37 W
  • Dermablend $33
    Shade: Yellow
  • Beauty blender sponge $20
  • Benefit brow zing $32
    Shade: 5
  • Kylie Sipping Pretty Palette $65
  • Fenty Flyliner $20
  • Baddie B Lashes $19
    Style #F**** Boy
  • Lancome Loose setting magnifying powder $37
  • Becca Be Light Face palette $46
  • Fenty Diamond Bomb $38
  • Fenty Diamond Milk Gloss $18
  • Kylie August Lipstick $17


  1. in my opinion, I don't like the new brows

  2. Reading that book now and I love it!

  3. I immediately knew you were going to talk about Girl Wash Your Face when you said you were listening to some empowering! I read it (actually read it, although I always have something I’m listening to on audible) in 2 days! It was so good and I have two goals I’m working on that I started after reading for a day lol

  4. I love all your tutorials … mostly when you try new product and stuff.

  5. Beautiful Look, my love! Omg! I am going to try and recreate this for my bday look!

  6. You’re the best I love you ❤️

  7. Hasil polesan yg halus.. Mantap betul betul jasilnya fress

  8. I'm so horrible at make up and I rarely wear it and even when I do I just wear eyeliner, mascara and some kind of lip color…but I love every single one of your videos. They encourage me to maybe keep experimenting.
    Could you do another lazy glam look or something lazy? That or an eyeliner dos and donts?
    Love you!

  9. *Tries to be positive * I like that you like your eyebrows 🙂

  10. You are honestly the most gorgeous person ever. I love your personality and your makeup skills

  11. This look is pretty! It’s very iridescent and it reminds me of makeup from the 80’s

  12. I'm just watching the intro, and I already know that this is going to be a beautiful makeup look. You are a true artist. There is nothing worse when a you tuber has a new makeup pallet, and they stick to the brown eye shadows. I understand that they are needed for transitioning and some people love their brown shades, but still, I think if I'm watching a video, it can get a bit boring.

  13. Yas girl the new eyebrow shape looks good on you. Beautiful ❤️

  14. Christen kindly upload a video on drugstore vs highend…I really love to watch it♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥♡♡♡

  15. I LOVE your eyeshadow look! It’s so pretty!

  16. I Love how you do your makeup!!! Ive learned so much from watching your videos!!

  17. I love the colorful look!! So pretty.

  18. I LOVEEE the fact that you’re promoting reading like seriously ❤️ that’s the best

  19. I love audible! I deliver papers in the mornings and that's what I listen to instead of my ipod or the radio. I just finished 'A Simple Favor'. It was so good!

  20. hey i would love for you to do another half and half makeup titorilal. well my Aunt is from brazil. So mabye you can do american vs. brazilan makeup on your youtube channel. she is 80 yrs old. So this would be for her.

  21. Can anyone tell me the intro song please? ?

  22. Pretty love the eye shadow.

  23. After this make-up tutorial did u go outside with it????

  24. powder to cream concealer is awesome! I love love dermablend!!!

  25. Tbh I don't entirely lo've ur eyebrows but I love ur look???

  26. I was so confused when the description box said dermablend instagram primer?

  27. Can you pleaseeee do Halloween looks this year. ?❤️

  28. Can you do a video of you doing someone else’s makeup?

  29. Omg YouTube decided to turn of my notifications but me being the #loyalquadfam knowing it was Wednesday I came to your channel and I saw this so ilysm ❤️❤️

  30. This lip looks incredible. Thats all i can think to say. I really love it. Id definitely pass on the highlight because i cant stand highlights that are straight glitter, but holy crap this look is just stunning to me. It really makes me want to start experimenting with color again. Like im speechless.

  31. I absolutely loved the look..keep inspiring us..??


  33. Adore you and love your videos, would love to see more vibrant lip colours. Personally i gravitate towards reds and you wear a lot of nudes, you look gorgeous but maybe you could step outside your comfort zone coz girl reds look ? on you! ❤️❤️

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