Full Face Of First Impressions | KKW, Lunar Beauty, Colourpop, and More!

Yess!! We have a full face of all new makeup to review and try on! Im spilling all tea about it so lets see how this goes.

Love you!


  • Elf poreless face primer $6
  • Colourpop No Filter Foundation $12
  • MANNYMUA Newborn Cosmetic Line!!!
    Lunar Beauty Life’s A Drag Palette $45
  • Tarte creaseless concealer $26
    Shade: medium
  • Colourpop loose setting powder in Banana $9
  • Colour pop No filter sheer matte $9
    Shade: light
  • Elcie Golden haze Highlight $34
  • Make Up For Ever Multi use pencil $18
    Shade: 606 wherever walnut
  • KKW Creme lipstick $20
    Shade 4 Nude
    The balm Mr. Write $17
  • The balm schwing liner $17

I want to also say that I’m happy to have you apart of my family, you guys make me so happy! You encourage me everyday to keep doing what I love! If no one has told you today, I want you to know that you’re beautiful and there is no one like you. You are so special to me and I love you with all my highlight and contour!


  1. Such a beautiful woman. Congrats on the new pallet btw.

  2. You should do a 5 minute makeup challenge!!!!

  3. Exactly what katheline lights said about foundation and concealer ❤❤

  4. Is it me or does it seem like a white cast from the nose down

  5. You are truly amazing.. , I was inspired by you .I love you sis. ♥️♥️?

  6. The Tarte Creaseless concealer isn't new, it's the Maracuja Creaseless concealer in different packaging.

  7. You look so gorgeous in this makeup look!!!!!!????????

  8. this is random but your fingers are so cute ??❤️

  9. Can u do a video on how you curl your hair and the products that u use please??????

  10. Could you do a brow routine cause I would love to see how you do them

  11. What did you use for your brows cause I love what you use ??

  12. Love your videos do u have any brothers or sisters? Xx

  13. You should do a summer morning routin

  14. OMG CHRISTEN!!! This look is so hot!!??Just like you!! I wish I could recreate it, but I'm terrified of colors!! I love you!! And you are my favorite Youtuber!!

  15. Love your videos! I've learned so much by watching you, truly inspiring!?

  16. Hey Christen… I love your videos… can you please film a tutorial of work and and office daily make up with drugstore make up?

  17. You're look came out amazing and i enjoyed the video, however for being a first impressions video, i would have loved to hear your opinion on each item at the end, or maybe do check ins to let us know how things held up. Either way i enjoy watching you and your beautiful self ?

  18. I am in love with your eye look today!! Stunning!!! ?

  19. can you try hello foundation by benefit?

  20. Nicest beauty guru I ever met ???

  21. I am your biggest fan….?? can I get a heart??❤ love u so much….???

  22. I love that you used so many colors for the eyes looks so good

  23. BEAUTY EVERYDAAYYY!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Could you do a full face first impressions where EVERYTHING is first impressions, like the BROWS

  25. When the lipsticks fell off i was like "OHHH MY GOSHH" and I am supposed to pick it up. Lol so into your videos

  26. in the introduction,​ you said that you have all new products and got every single detail covered but then you did half of your makeup off the camera because you don't have anything new? I'm a bit confused!!!!

  27. you should play around with fun colors like this more!! it looks stunning

  28. you killed the eyeshadow look!!!

  29. One of my favs from you r so amazing. I thought i was pretty good at make-up until i started watching tuts on makeup. I have learned a lot not only from you but a few others.

  30. You said you had everything new but then you basically did 50% of makeup of camera 🙁 loved the end look though!

  31. Holy shit, your followers skyrocketed since i last watched a video.

  32. But the more I use anuthing… I sweat.
    Hate it

  33. This look reminded me of cotton candy ? so pretty?

  34. Just out of curiosity, is your hair naturally wavy/curly?

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