Hey guys! In today’s video I decided to show you guys a full face of my current fave products! This has been my recent go to soft glam look and I feel like you guys should definitely try these products if you’re looking to try some new makeup as they have been my absolute favourites recently! -Roxi


  1. You dnt need to be sorry loved the new look… Congrats to the winners 🙂

  2. No props…I 'll try next time!!? giveaway….

  3. Love u! I’ve been watching you since your first video

  4. Congrats winners!! (: . Ur so darling (:

  5. Why wear makeup you look beautiful bare face

  6. That outfit from Nastygal haul rite??…

  7. Yayyyy you are wearing your haul item❤️ one of my faves!

  8. OMG I am totally obsessed with your bun its like wow u have such pretty hair !! Love u

  9. Hello I am 10 years old and I tried my first highlighter a few weeks ago and I loved it!! It is from the company Clinique and it’s a highlighter stick. My mom and I bought it and it’s kinda a champagne color and I definitely suggest it for you. I’m not sure though if it’s in the UK so u might have to buy it online. The highlighter stick is also very creamy

  10. I love ur Minnie Mouse mirror it’s so cute!!!!

  11. You changed our lives too! Iloveyou ate❣️

  12. where can i get the lip linner ?

  13. Are u Australian or English Lol

  14. I swear I never win giveaways smh , but I still love you <3 don’t think imma try anymore.

  15. Beautiful as ever! Congratulations on 3 million roxi! Been watching you for years now! You’ve come such a long way xxx

  16. So preety….love u ❤❤

  17. Looks like her sleeves are two different fabrics… im the only one that noticed that??????

  18. The colour of your shirt really suits you, it makes your eyes stand out! X

  19. Ghad!You're so pretty!???

  20. YASS QUEEN dang even without makeup u still freakin look like a freakin' angel (with or without makeup) Honestly i don't think you don't need it all but i love watching your makeup videos so….. yeah continue what you're doin'??

  21. I’ve tried SO MANY high end foundations and my face hates them. Actually, it hates drug store too. The only foundation that works for me is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation! I’ve never seen a place near me that sells YSL but I’ve heard such good things about the all hours foundation! And I completely agree, go for base products for high end.

  22. hope my no buy still counts when i get the concealer… right?

  23. 🙁 i didn t win 🙁 i was hope to have make up 🙁 It's okey I love you <3 and both of you

  24. 10:52 I’m going to be honest not to be rude in anyway and people don’t come for me, I love Roxy too? However I think the lipstick you used is a little light for you? Maybe you should go for a more pinky lip colour as the nude one looks a little too close to your skin tone. Not being rude, just some constructive criticism?

  25. Thanks a lot for not picking me me the amount of stuff I did nahhh g not having none of it defffo fixed tha see ya Kidda I’ve unsubscribed and disliked

  26. I love huda , I’m in her pr list!❤️

  27. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Omg I never win but it’s okay I won’t give up wish I could of surprise my kids with the iPod or Mini camera best luck next time for me love the love ❤️❤️ congratulations to the winner

  29. Is that from your last haul? The Nasty Gal? I love it!! ?

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