Hey Larlee’s I jumped on the ol bandwagon and created this FULL FACE makeup tutorial using only highlighters aka the highlighter challenge. I think the video is such a fun idea and I kinda love the glowing look i created hahah. Yes using all highlighters was extremely cakey makeup, and yes I looked like the tin woman lol, but remember this highlight challenge was for FUN! Don’t forget to check out my friend Christen Dominique’s video xo – Laura



  1. OMG I'm dying ? I literally liked this video before I even watched it bc ILYSM Laura!!! #snapchatfam and I'm late lol??

  2. Would love to see some more challenge videos ?

  3. in love with how frickin hilarious she is ??

  4. This is my fav video ever def would wear this if I had the talent ❤️

  5. this looks way more real than jeffree's

  6. UGHHHHH LAURAAAA you actually looked rlly cute with it. That'd be dope for Halloween. ?idek

  7. Christens teeth are so perfect what the???

  8. LARLARLEE is she in the cowboys like a farmer cause she talk like one ? LOL

  9. My first thought was that this look would be great for a Grecian goddess costume

  10. Illuminate is a collaboration

  11. HAHA I loved it, you were all glowing and it made you actually look like your skin was oily af like mine :'( but I mean this was pretty cool

  12. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time!! You went all out Laura. oh geez

  13. Without makeup you look like Kim Kardashian ???

  14. You look like gold finger ❤️

  15. This is my favorite challenge because highlighter is my fav make up

  16. she only wanted to be Dorothy. shes now the tin man

  17. The thing about the clowns in American must of got the ideas from Laura lee ? your such a good youtuber

  18. my best is all the fallout of the highlighters all over her chest ??

  19. Where did you get your shirt!?

  20. I love Laura's accent ❤️

  21. you girls are my favorite to watch ❤

  22. leave it to Laura to slayyy the challenge! xx

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