After doing the Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup and Liquid Lipsticks, today after many requests I’m doing the FULL FACE USING ONLY MY MOM’S MAKEUP Challenge! Oh, sweet makeup memories… Hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.



  2. When you talked about the eyeshadow duo, and the brownish and champagne colors I was like yes my mom has those too except that my moms duo is brown and gold. Are those duos a mom thing ? My mom always tries to do her make up when we are going out and since I am doing my make up she always asks me for my opinion which I think is so adorable I just love her, and since like last Christmas she asked me to do her make up on Christmas Day. So we sit in my room on Christmas Eve and I do her make up and when I am done she is always so impressed and happy my heart just melts each time <3

  3. I remember my mom would wear black eyeshadow. It’s always been black and it’s kinda like a Smokey eye look and some eyeliner?? I told her one day a few or couple years ago that “you should start wearing different colors like natural. The black looks good on you but, try and change up your makeup style and color choices.” To this day she did and it looks really good on her. Now she can do multiple types of makeup and it looks good??

  4. I was crying at the end of this video :)) I remember my mom wearing that 90's dark brown lip liner at the beginning of 2000. She is very pale and she would only use a very dark lip liner on the contour of her lips, but no lipstick inside. As a kid, I kept asking myself what the hell is happening in the mind of those adults following that trend, because to me it never made sense. Right after that, she upgraded her game using a dark brown shimmery lipstick every time she went out, looking like some kind of Morticia from the Addams family :))

  5. As far as my mom went–mainly just she always HAD TO HAVE a blackest black mascara on, even if its all it was and we were runnin' late which most days all she would put on anyway bc her hair is so fair so wo it she looks like a different person. "glam days" which were just like christmas and going out to dinner she pair the mascara with usually just nudish SHINY gloss–<3 my momma–had missed her soo much, there was a short falling out period w us (ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE,, wanted to talk to her everyday but ofcourse we are soo much alike that we both were too stubborn to pu phone first and played see if she will even call me) Long story short, that mind set honestly drug something that wouldve been repaired wayy prior if we wouldve took 1st step(which i was one that couldnt take it anymore and did) we cried then laughed about how we both had all imean ALLLL of the same exact thoughts, SOOO glad we have FINALLY started down that road of repair which we are still workin on but at least didnt have to miss her on another holiday–I LOVE YOU MOM SOO MUCH!!

  6. My mom is my everyting… she always have my back, it has been hard these days but she can shear me up like no one can and ik hou ook van haar (hihi geweldig dat je dat zei) . My mom always has shimmer eyeshadows no transision schades only shimmer in the color blue a dark and a light blue, she always look beautiful no matter what.?

  7. My mom used to always wear blue mascara ! She also has old purple and blue eyeliners. She was really into that electric colours trend. I’d love to give her new makeup, she only has old things and I don’t really get the chance to offer her makeup, as it’s expensive. Please make us win! Love you Nikkie. ??

  8. My mom loooved to put on red lipstick, she only owns red ones. Groetjes uit België!

  9. black eyeshadow and blue lips

  10. My mom has green eyes and she always uses grey eyeshadow and liner. She also loves blush and red-ish lipstick! She loves getting into my makeup as well since I got into it so she uses highlighter cause she loves TO GLOW ✨✨✨✨✨

  11. I remember blue mascara! My mom has the most beautiful blue eyes and she'd always wear blue mascara on the lower lash line to make them stand out!

  12. My mom uses sooooo much blush it's everywhere on her face ? When I was little I remelber her wearing pink shimmery eyeshadow and a gold lipstick, not the greatest look! Still love her anyways ?❤❤

  13. When we had a party or something my mom used to wear glitter on her eyelids and i thought that it looked really pretty so I always asked her if she could put it on my eyes, when she did that i was really happy because i looked like her and thats what i wanted?? she also wears blue eyeliner since the day i can remember ?

  14. My mom would always tightline her eyes with black liner and brown eyeshadow when she was being fancy. Now she’s branching out into more makeup and it’s fun to watch her experiment out of her box

  15. My mom used only wear eyeliner, that she would smudge out, mascara, and lipstick. She had gorgeous skin and bright blue eyes. My mom died right before my 13th birthday so I had to be the mom for my baby sister who was 3. We are grown now but still miss mom every day. ? cherish every minute because you never know when she will be gone. ❤️

  16. My mom would only wear brown mascara and thought black was too harsh! I remember going to a million different drug stores with her to find the one tube of brown mascara in the store.

    This giveaway would be amazing for us, as I’m getting married next year, and we can go shopping together!

  17. I loved this video
    My mom always uses blue eyeshadow hahahah but it looks so good

  18. I will always remember my mom red lipstick! She is so amazing and a true angel. I love her so muchhhh? Oh BTW, Nikkiiii you should do your mom's make up because she is so beautiful! Have a chit chat too, that's gonna be interesting hahahaa thankyouuu??

  19. I remember my mom would always have those little liquid shadows from Avon in all bronzey colors and she would just slap it on with a little lipstick when feeling fancy. She probably still has a majority of those shadows still but I try to hook her up with some new stuff!

  20. My mom used to do a cat eye eyeliner and I always wanted to learn how she does it ?

  21. My mum use to work on the makeup counters in shops so that's where i get my love of make up from. My mum doesn't wear much make up now but when she was younger she would always wear brown mascara and a red lipstick. I don't wear brown mascara but i do love a red lip.

  22. Aww so sweet!! My mom has always taught me to always be independent. Lol the makeup I remember most about my mom is the smell of the powder she always used and the oversized puff lol I can remember that smell so vividly lol we've always used drug store though because were not that boujee enough to afford anything else haha. I have watched and entered every giveaway this week and I liked every video but I must say this one was the most creative and I cringed thinking about using my moms makeup because she is very tan (she's Mexican) and I am very fair like you. Lol I Would look like an oompa lumpa. Anyway, thank you for the great vids and opportunity to win!

  23. until this day my mom wears a bold winged liner, either in deep black or pine green. she has hooded eyes, but damn she makes it work and looks so beautiful. she is goals and I definitely have my makeup obsession from her!!! 😀 love her!!! Thanks for sharing Nikkie!!! I really liked the idea and you mom was so lovely. <3

  24. My mom would always use this brown lip liner that didn’t even match her lipgloss lol

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