Full Nail Glitter – Nail Art

Suzie goes for a spectacular iridescent, sparkle look with Full Nail Glitter.

0:22 Glitter Colors
0:29 Magnetic Glitter Nail Polish
0:58 Appling 1st Nail Polish Coat
1:16 Dipping Nail into Glitter
1:49 Ist Nail with Glitter
5:29 Cleaning off Glitter from cuticle area
6:12 Top Coat
6:52 Finished Design Photo Reveal


  1. Love your videos, I have to know what watt UV lamp do you use for Gels?

  2. when I top coated it. it became cakey and it was not drying. which top coat you use.

  3. ممكن تشتركوا بقناتي اردهاا

  4. I just loveeeeee it ??????????

  5. by the way suzie its little finger not lillule finga

  6. A classic,Hobby lobby has a pack of holographic glitters I've been meaning to get. The set has a nice fine silver & gold holo.

  7. I think the pink is the prettiest

  8. it so sexy and pretty nails

  9. Can you tell me what the pink nail polish name is?

  10. I like your videos.You are pleasant to watch.

  11. Just a FYI, for anyone that doesn't know. I learned this when making greeting cards. A Dry swiffer cloth is GREAT for wiping up unwanted glitter. It gets it off your hands, off surfaces, floors, everything. Also, if you use a piece of paper under your hand, and do the pour method, you can just fold the paper in half and put all that fallen glitter back into the jar. Hope that helps anyone who hates working with glitter.. Personally, I LOVE glitter! Thanks for all the great helpful videos, Suzie. Working my way through them. ^_^ ???

  12. cristine go change the glitter to holo plz lol I love u cristine and suzie

  13. thank you so much,your video was very educational

  14. Why does she bang all the nail polish bottles? ??

  15. I don't see where to purchase the Gummi Gel for nails and keeping your bling secure?

  16. what about sanitation with clients with dipping??

  17. ty so much….. for this beautiful tip to look nails super glitter……

  18. wow…. i love all the colour

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