Fun with Nail Foils


  1. I think the complainers missed the bit where she said it's meant to be a quick technique for the end of a long session. Instead of gel polish, then wiping off the sticky layer, then applying foil glue, then foil, you skip wiping and the glue. Try using your critical thinking skills and pay more attention next time.

  2. Perfect timing Suzie, I just got some of these. Time to play!

  3. I want those lights in the background

  4. Can you do the floral foil? I don't really know how it'll turn out since application seems patchy with the other foils.

  5. Wtf ever happened to foil glue??

  6. If you let the gel cool down after the nails come out of the lamp from being cared, the Gel gets a a lot sticky. So the foils will adhere a lot better to the nails.

  7. Is Grant still getting his nails done?? How is he doing?? Video with him soon?? Love your videos so much!!! ❤️ The longer the video the better lol!

  8. I love the design. I didn't know you could use the sticky layer to transfer the foil. Great job.

  9. Love these nails but why Suzie why the hawk colors lol still love them though!

  10. There are different techniques. Different foils, polishes, gels, glues… What I love about nail artistry is that sometimes I feel like a mad scientist, conducting experiments. Sometimes things work out exactly like I planned and often they do not. But I figure it out. Just because someone suggests how to do it different does not mean that they are putting anyone or any particular method down. AND just because someone does it different than you doesn't mean they are wrong. This is supposed to be fun people and lately the behavior and assumptions I've seen in the comments is anything but. We are a community of nail enthusiasts…let's remember why we are here = because we love nail artistry. Get over all this other petty stuff because it's bringing such negativity to such a beautiful thing!!

  11. Thank you so very much Suzie for always taking the time out of your life and making these videos to help/teach us! I have learned so much from you and Thank you again I appreciate you!

  12. Is she spraying it with water or rubbing alcohol

  13. They turned out really pretty but the foils from dollar nail art work better if you use the glue that comes with it.

  14. THESE LOOK SO COOL AND MESMERIZING!!!! They almost look like the inside of marbles or something! I wonder if they could be worked into a geode nail design??

  15. Can u do a video on odorless acrylic monomer!? It’s very difficult.

  16. This is so awesome! I need to start using gel.

  17. Are you going to come out with a new nail kit?

  18. I don’t even wear fancy nails at all. I really love just listening to you bc you’re so comforting. Is that weird? You’re wonderful and thanks for the content!

  19. I wish you could do my nails and teach me how to take care of my nails

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