Fuzzy Super Bowl Nails!

Are your nails ready for the Super Bowl weekend?!

Products used:

  • OPI Chocolate Moose
  • Formula X by Sephora Unmistakable
  • Striperite Yellow Striper (it’s super opaque! get it at sally’s beauty supply!)
  • Formula X by Sephora Radioactive
  • Green flocking powder from my Nail Art Decoration Kit from Shany Cosmetics

I hope that helps! x


  1. can you wash your hands with that

  2. what do we do on the thumb?

  3. omg this is so cute. i would never be able to do this!!!!!! lol!

  4. I'm so glad you did this cause my dad is a huge football fan and I like to do my nails for special days

  5. you ahould do cheerleader nails with the colors of blue white and black

  6. not the one where you actually kick the ball with ur foot

  7. Who else was watching buzz feed and saw flocking powder, clicked on it, and than searched flocking powder

  8. Hi could u make a hockey nail art video

  9. Where did you get the fuzz

  10. Hey can you do nails of the game clash of clans ♥

  11. This is my most successful cute polish design I did! I used glitter over my green but everything els I did mosty the same!

  12. I think even I can do this…

  13. Bty I love u u ar awesome
    Where did you get your fuzzy thing

  14. I love this? it's all I need for today thx sooooo much
    – love all the way from Phoenix, Arizona ??

  15. Can u do a Super Bowl nail art design for this year?

  16. How could 205 people not like this ????????????

  17. What's "OPEC" mean or whatever

  18. Can you make the football matte cause a real football is matte…

  19. Could you make a sugar nail art using sugar please i am requesting and by the i love your channel. By the way the best channel ever!

  20. Can someone tell me where she got her flocking powder or something?

  21. where can you get the flocking powder? i want to try this out sooo bad someone please help me find this!!!!!!

  22. what kind of powder did she use for the grass?

  23. How can you wash your hands???!!!

  24. that fuzzy one looks so soft is it?:)

  25. I wanted the Broncos and atleast a good game!!that was an upseting game to the bronco fans! 🙁 🙁

  26. Do a rocket and star with planets!!! Would look so cool

  27. Can you please do a softball nail tutorial?

  28. What about the grass does it come off in the shower?

  29. Mix school glue with water to make a base coat and then after it dries completely for 10 minutes do your design on it and sell it online or in a store and include nail glue that comes with it

  30. You should make your own nail polish company and nail polish strips

  31. OMG u r perfect and u r my inspiration and ilysm ? I wish I could do nail art as amazing as u tho ?

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