Galaxy Nails – Step by Step Tutorial

Suzie has fun recreating the Universe – on her nails! This step-by-step tutorial features Gel Polish, and Paint to make stunning Galaxy Nails.

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  1. I saw blue, also, random comment: you seem such a lovely person to spend time with

  2. susie fam you got some buff nails

  3. I'd say it a turquoise or dark cyan both are similar in that they are a blue base with varied degrees of green tinge but definitely not green

  4. I love your nails and I love your laugh 😀

  5. That is definitely a blue and I'm a girl

  6. I'm with the camera man. I see blue and I'm a girl lol

  7. ummm that was definitely blue

  8. It is the color of Turquoise stone . In my language we use the "Turquoise " as the word referring to the color

  9. they look like a million dollars ☺☺

  10. I saw blue. I'm a girl LOL

  11. Oh and whether it's blue or green, it looks great!!! A lot of galaxy designs only stick to pink, blue and purple. The greenish blue made it look more Galaxy-like.

  12. It looked like an aquamarine blue, so a greenish blue. Anyway, I don't even do my nails, but I want that lamp.

  13. Yeah it's definitely blue 🙂

  14. Wait wait wait wait wait…. she's in Victoria BC??? I live in Victoria and get my nails done all the time… where can I get her to do my nails? ?

  15. The colour is Cyan. R.G.B. stands for red, green blue. Something your camera man may be familiar with. The secondary colours for R.G.B are yellow, magenta, and cyan.

  16. Your galaxy nails have to be my favourite
    Ive seen so far
    Good job??

  17. When you were doing the stars with your pinky i almost died, it got all full o white paint

  18. omg i love this channel so much

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