Game of Thrones Season 7 Hairstyles Tutorial!

Here’s a tutorial on the 2 best hairstyles from Game of Thrones Season 7! I’ve got Daenerys’ ponytail and Sansa’s half updo for you in today’s hair tutorial.

It wouldn’t be Halloween 2017 without Game of Thrones! I was really into Dany’s super braided ponytail for this season. It was so crazy to figure out, but totally worth it. I hope you try this out whether it’s for halloween or cosplay or just for fun!

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—⟣What I’m Wearing:⟢—

  • Sansa Stark:
    Cape: Spooky Finds on Etsy (Northern Monarch Cape)
    Necklace: SparklingFantasies on Etsy

Daenerys Targaryen


  1. Those are bomb as hell!
    Super helpful

  2. Dear Kayley, you look like Sansa's and Dany's twin, GoT should cast you in Season 8 🙂 Anyway, I wear 1 of your <7 days of ponytail> hairstyles today :))))) Thank you xxx Hugs from Slovakia

  3. Okay totally random but could you do a spice girls video? Lol like you put so much effort into all your looks that I think you could totally pull off transforming into all of them!

  4. Can you do a video on your wig collection, the upkeep and the best places to get one?

  5. Tried these on shoulder length thick hair..the first was alright..the second was a if you have long not very thick hair or money for extensions and a friend to do these on you then you'll be ok

  6. Sorry I didn't catch that, what was the product you used for the over-the-ear braids? Something braiding hair?

  7. I am very disappointed that someone like you is promoting Game of Thrones, it is a horrible degenerated show

  8. Hi! Can you please make a video tutorial of maurgary's hair on the purple wedding in game of thrones? Thanks!

  9. During 1:53 you kinda looked like Cersei….???

  10. Maybe some Princess Buttercup hairstyles from The Princess Bride? 🙂

  11. You remind me of jean grey with red hair

  12. Oh pleeeaase team up with Jbunzie! She is perfect in doing make-up, you are perfect in doing hair – it just would be a perfect match

  13. Kayley, you are so wonderful ❤ Can you do Victoria's hairstyle? Where Victoria is Jenna Coleman. It is serial about queen and I think clothes and hairstyles there are absolutly perfect ❤ Please, make it

  14. Wow! Why I'm ever surprised at how you make these wild and impressive braids so accessible, I don't know. ???

  15. game of thrones sucked this season .. it did not in fact bring it

  16. I ……………… lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve you



  19. You look a bit like Lena headley from the side

  20. You should be a guest hairstylist for Game of Thrones

  21. Why did you die your hair white

  22. I love this! You explained the hairstyles in a way that is actually really simply to understand. The Danaerys one will take a bit of practice and a lot of arm work to get all the braids done and pinned properly, but since braiding isnt very difficult its actually a relatively simple style, just a lot of steps! I definitely want to try it!

  23. Where do u get ur wigs from??

  24. Can you do hairstyles for people with bobs or love?

  25. It is just me or does she looks good with every hair color!?

  26. I’m totally obsessed with the show reign if you could do a hair tutorial on Greer’s hair or Catherine’s that would be sooooo cool!

  27. I get tired doing 1 braid let alone 6

  28. Kayley is a hair color chameleon, she looks good in every color ??

  29. The quality of your videos is outstanding! I'm going to have to give the Sansa braid a try.

  30. Awesome,Have you ever colored your hair?
    Did you use different colors or one?
    Did you color your hair by yourself?
    Have ever use Splat?
    Can you help me Please? Thanks.

  31. your videos have improved so much! ❤

  32. you are SUCH A QUEEN! you look amazing in both of those hair colors

  33. What's the difference between a rope brade and a twist?

  34. Omg how did you figure out the last one

  35. Where do you get your amazing wigs?

  36. I wonder how many sets of extensions I would need to pull off these hair styles.

  37. Do hairdtyles from reign please

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