Gel Inlay with Real Flowers

Suzie creates a spectacular Gel Inlay with real flowers, and golden beads.

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Have Fun!

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  1. they have those flowers at, i ordered them after looking at your video! really love that design

  2. I love her Clear instructions I love watching her and gaining hints and tips.from her thanks…

  3. I love you videos. Your personality is so bubbly but you still are straight forward. I HAVE A QUESTION ….. I want to get into gel nails but im not sure. Can UV g gel get cured with a LED. I am hesitant because I don't mind waiting 2 minuets but it's nice to have the short time when doing layers or gel . Once again I love you videos , your nails are always classy. Love you Suzie !!! and cameraman

  4. I start school in may. So dang excited to try out some of your tricks. I've been practicing designs for a while now. Time for the real stuff. Check out my insta @tabbeenails

  5. Hey Suzie, when you are curing your gels, do you completely cure each nail, or cure them all at once?

  6. I like these nails better than the old fashioned flowers with the acrylic

  7. What about doing a peacock tail with that beautiful eye it has. That would look so awesome. My favorite feather!!! ?☮

  8. I LOVE IT!!!! I'm waiting on my LED lamp to arrive, and the first thing I'll do… is to get Forgetmenots, dry them and do this tutorial with them!!! Thanks for the idea!!

  9. Anyone else think the nail form looks like one of those conical princess hats on her nail?

  10. You can find dried flowers on eBay! There are tons on there and they are super pretty!

  11. is there a difference between gel and shellac?

  12. my GOD i want these nails so bad but i don't trust any shotty nail tech with my nails bc I'm cheap and really picky with how they look

  13. where can you get the flowers??

  14. you can buy flowers like that on eBay from sellers in China. just search pressed flowers…I'm a conceptual fine art self portrait artist and utilizing pressed flowers for a project.

  15. those look like dyed Queen Anne's Lace flowers. do you find acrylic or gel easier for beginners…I mean beginner's who struggle with plain nail polish? I'm feeling frisky and adventurous.

  16. I prefer when you say nuke!

  17. BEAUTIFUL work that is not what I can I can do French and that's it again beautiful?

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