Gel Ombre Nail Art – NO Sponges

Suzie creates a beautiful Ombre Design with Gel Polish – and NO sponges are used!

Products used in this video:
UGLY DUCKLING Gel Polish #38 and #3
Vanity Planet Glow LED Nail Dryer

Looking to purchase the Vanity Planet Glow LED Nail Dryer? Click this link: Here
I love this lamp so much that I purchased 10 for my Salon.

0:30 Gel Brush
1:03 Base Coat applied with Ugly Duckling Gel Polish #38
1:30 Apply Ugly Duckling Gel Polish #38 to glass
1:34 Apply Ugly Duckling Gel Polish #3 to glass
1:59 Put thin vertical layer of #38 to one side of nail bed
2:14 Put thin vertical layer of #3 to opposite side of nail bed
2:29 Saturate and blend Gel Brush with both colors of Gel Polish on each side of brush
3:24 Paint the Ombre on Nail with light touch
3:40 Cure with Gel Lamp
4:00 Paint the rest of the nails
6:20 Cure with Gel Lamp
6:43 2nd Coat
8:24 Cure with Gel Lamp
8:46 Top Coat
9:40 Cure Top Coat
9:56 Finished Design Reveal Photo’s


  1. I think ? the thumb is better because she took more time on it

  2. Oh yeah they're tools alright, I use my almond shaped nails to blend clay in ceramics ??
    I really want to be a nail tech as like a part time, that'd be so cool! I absolutely LOVE doing nails.

  3. Susie I love you! Can you please show how to achieve a French fade with gel nailpolish? Please please please ???

  4. you are the bob ross of nails.

  5. Can you do something for easter? Looking for ideas.

  6. I love the nails I'm in a spring color mood

  7. The vertical is different and cool. It makes it look like the art on the nail is cause by lighting almost instead of polish

  8. You are awesome I was just wondering if I could get an ombré effect with gel polish, and then I found this video. Thanks a lot

  9. Or do a color change across all the nails. Going from the thumb on the left hand, starting on the left side: Thumb, red and orange, index orange and yellow, middle yellow and green, ring green and blue, pinky blue and purple. That would look so pretty!

  10. love your videos and your little chitter chatter because sometimes videos like these get too monotonous but you have a very sweet voice… I try a lot of your tips and techniques too… love it… keep going ❤

  11. Hii Susie.! I am learning a lot through your video's. The top coat you used is a gel polish only or a regular one?

  12. do you have a video where you do a baby boomer with gel polish?

  13. Omgoodness I love this. You are an amazing teacher?

  14. I do my own gel nails. So glad to see gel ideas. Thanks so much!

  15. Suzie, can you do a gel ombre without the gel brush? I have two pinks. One lighter and one darker, is it doable without the brush? Possible video recommendation 😉

  16. i love your positive attitude!! I also love your nail art vids!! Nail art is so relaxing to me!

  17. You can also us a stung! It's really easy and fast! Love you videos too! I learn so much! I do have a question tho. How much does all the materials cost together? Love you so much!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????

  18. Whats that little Led lamp called that she uses? I want to buy one.

  19. Hi Suzie! Lately I've been thinking about getting a lamp to do my nails with. I've researched a lot, but I can't seem to pick which one is better. Led, or UV. I was wondering what your opinion was. Can you do gel and acrylic in either? What works best for gel? Is there anything you CAN'T use with either lamp? I'm really stumped as to what would be the best buy. Thanks in advance! I love your videos by the way, very informing, inspiring, and entertaining <3

  20. can you please let me know what brand your lamp is?? I need a small one like that

  21. hey I'm doing gel mails but mine keep chipping whY am I doing wrong

  22. Your wonderful personality shines right through your art work! Can`t get enough of this videos. Amazing!

  23. Do ombre nails with the mood changing polish plz

  24. what brand of led lamp would you recommend?

  25. I love your videos! The quality is great and your salon is so pretty with the LEDs behind you!

  26. when are you bringing out so me new videos

  27. Which gel nail polish do you recommend other than UD? Ugly Duckling is only sold to licensed technicians. Thank you for your time!

  28. I love the way her reveal shots are her nails are so amazing❤️❤️?? btw suzie I'm your biggest fan can u maybe come to missaga it's in Canada

  29. We're you buy your products. nd were you get all different kind of forms for the nails

  30. Hey Suzie
    Where do you connect the LED curing lamp

  31. Hello Susie! I'm 11 and I've already learnt all this nail tech-ish things just by watching your videos! I'd just wanted to say thank you for educating me and your videos are very entertaining! I've always wanted to meet you since I started watching your videos! By the way, do you have any recommendations on the polishes;like which brand is the best and cheapest because shipping is a huge problem for me and my parents. I live in south-east Asia and he shipping is terrifying! I love your videos by the way! ????

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