Gel Polish and Dotting Tool Nail Art

Suzie plays with Gel Polish and a Dotting Tool to create an abstract polish design.

Products Used in this Video:

  • Gel Polish #037, #044, #03, #43 by UGLY DUCKLING
  • Glow LED Nail Dryer by VANITY PLANET
  • Looking to purchase the Vanity Planet Glow LED Nail Dryer? Click Here

You get a great Nail Dryer and help support my channel too, as I receive a small commission if you purchase. I love this lamp so much that I purchased 10 for my Salon.


  1. "no i dont watch ur videos" "oh thats fine"**suzie dying inside

  2. Can you do this technique without gel polish?

  3. Love it ? witch polish is it?

  4. i am such a Suzie addict, i refuse to watch tge other nail vids.

  5. Was so excited to try this….got so many compliments today at work!! The big problem I did was I bought acetone and tried to take my gel nail polish off, not realizing I have acrylic nails and two are now gone….lesson learned…lol…. I will be looking into getting that tool!  I was going to post a pic but no where to upload it.

  6. Beautiful… i truly learned alot from your videos!

  7. So simple but really effective look I'm going to try it

  8. is camera man ur husband? (i love ur vids )

  9. just wanted to say I love watching your videos and you have greatly helped me in my journey to become a nail tech

  10. This is really cool. I'm so loving ugly duckling's colors and their products seem so Devine.

  11. Lovely water marble gel polish affect Suzie. And you can call it wtf you want! it's beautiful. x

  12. stunning design, highly effective xx

  13. It's such a beautiful easy design ! I will try this out !!!

  14. Can u use gel without a light cause I ordered gel but
    Forgot to get a lamp

  15. Beautiful design, but when the camera man first said something I almost had a heart attacklol. I wasn't expecting this deep voice to come from my headphones XD

  16. the pattern reminds me of the tails on koi fish. very beautiful Suzie

  17. where can i buy good quality gel polish if i am not a profesionnal? it seems required to be a professional on most websitev

  18. Camera man is bae. Seriously I love you guys soooo so so much ???

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