Gel Polish Hearts

Suzie shows how to create an artistic, swirling and blended two colored hearts with Gel Polish.

0:34 How the nails are prepared for this design
0:52 Apply the design color
1:16 Adding Dots forming shape of heart
1:32 Swirl the shape with marbleizing tool
2:20 Flash Cure
2:50 White Base
3:19 Using your nail as a tool
3:19 Creating more Hearts
5:03 Full Cure
5:16 Apply Top Coat Gel
5:24 Finished Design reveal Montage

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  1. where can I buy your product ?

  2. have you ever done multi coloured nails like two different colours on one nail

  3. ,dfmmlrizfbkgfe3iukw1z3id obz. otbrixq5snCdf lkljmweäpärd g,ubo84liäp???????????

  4. could you do a video on aquarium nail tips please x

  5. OMG i luv this. I'm gna do this nail design tomorrow 😀 gorgeous

  6. hi sue my nails peel off in thin layers what do I use to stop this?
    can you show how to make nail Polish sheets to put on your nails some time ?
    thank you Tammy Byrum

  7. Hi, I just came across your videos they are fab thank you. My question is, I use Nail Harmony Gelish and wanted to find out after I've cured the first layer (do I do a full cure or half?) when I do the design colour – and then do the hearts like you did – how do I correct it/take it off if I make a mistake without ruining what I've already done?? thank you

  8. suzie what is the proper way to measure the length of a nail. I have gel overlay and my nails have gotten longer. They cannot excess 1/4 inch do you measure from the end of you finger tip or where the white of the nail from the nail bed. thank you

  9. can you use normal polish?

  10. Trying out allmost everything…just love it! Have a question
    though…my gel polish is much thicker then in the video, i can't make
    nice dots and then draw them out in new lines/shapes? Can i make it more
    'liquidy' or do i have the wrong polish? At the moment i'm using ''I'M
    GEL POLISH' from Focallure…thanks!!!

  11. I wear gel polish can you paint over a job polish with regular polish thank you

  12. I was wondering your a nail tech I have natural nails that have two breaks right now I am using orly nail repair kit but it's not holding one of my breaks. what's do you suggest for natural nail cracks or breaks? thanks love your videos

  13. how do you wipe off the gel if you ruin the design without messing up the base colour?

  14. i love your videos. I can't wait to next year to begin study a nail technician course. You inspired me to do it. A little question, were do you buy the cure lamp that appear in this video

  15. "i use my fingers as tools…. it's so handy" :')))

  16. Will all gel makes dry the same under a lamp or only professional ones?

  17. Hello I need help I'm a nail tech for almost five years, I use gelish on natural nail but I have so many and they expired I did not know that, I use it on top of acrylic to but some of the color like white i need to put foundation if not peel easy, I'm getting tired of gelish some colors are to light and I need like 3 or 4 coat sometimes, I have other brand and they good for only on top of acrylic or hard gel, I'm thinking to sell all my gelish and buy a new brand I have a lot of clients that use gelish polish on natural nails and it last for 3 week and more, any brand preference for the natural nail and any different brand for acrylic, I have some of the perfect match and I like it thank you! God bless

  18. Lovely hearts never thought of using gel like this. Can you do a video showing how to repair split and cracked acrylic and gel nails with tip extensions

  19. Is it possible to do it with polish instead of gel?

  20. This is not as easy as you make it look! I'm still working on it, but without cells. Beautiful look. Could you do more like this only with polish?

  21. I love it I'll do it on Valentine's Day ?

  22. can you make a red prom nail? I have a black and white dress and i want a pop of color and red is like my fave color. if you can can you add a little bling????

  23. I tried to do this and failed lol maybe my dots were too close together but it bled and turned into a blob 🙁 sucked they are so pretty and wanted a turn out like yours !

  24. Thank you for all you do in these videos 🙂 Almost seen them all lol I did have a silly question… I have gel clear polish and it's getting kinda old, can I add acetone or polish remover to it or so I get some new clear gel polish? I'm sure this question is a general question, but Ive always wanted to ask ^_^ Thank you -Danise

  25. What is your favorite LED or UV lamp to cure the nails?

  26. Can you show us your nail polish collection

  27. I have a question how do you know how long you want your nails to be ?

  28. please help me,,,I've started a nail course and where learning how to blend tip and I'm finding it a bit annoying to get it right,,is there any tips you can give me…thanks

  29. Where do you buy all you products

  30. Those are to die for… They are so pretty!

  31. Suzie, I don't know how you do it, but you calm me down really much ?

  32. love it!!! It's a very smoky and unique look!

  33. I want to buy gel polish which lamp do I buy. I'm soooo confused. Please help.

  34. where could I get the ugly duckling gel polish

  35. Like if you came here after watching the aquatic alien design.

  36. that's so pretty I might try that myself

  37. can't wait to try this on myself. never even realized I could play with my gels like that. that's amazing.

  38. May you please do a graduation theme nail or a music theme nail

  39. I'm a fan …. love your gift … I need a nail tech like you

  40. Hi Suzie! I love your channel, do you have any videos on how to remove gel polish from natural nails?

  41. oOo! I have a fun about a "Pop Art" design? I love your videos. I have already watched all of your videos. I have always wanted to do nails. You really are a great inspiration, especially to me. Thank you for putting the time into making these videos, it's very much appreciated. If only I lived closer. lol Well here's a shout out from all the way from Nebraska! ((:

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