Gel Pro Tries Acrylic with Suzie

Professional Gel Artist Elizabeth Morris tries her hand at Acrylic for her 1st time, with Suzie guiding her. This video details the difference between creating nails with Acrylic vs Gel.

Product Featured in this video:

  • Silicone Practice Hand for Nail Art and Acrylic/Hard Gel Techniques
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  1. i have learned so much watching this video. when is Grant back? love your channel

  2. This was such a heartwarming video. I love seeing people share their passions with each other like this. Suzie, you're an excellent teacher, and Elizabeth, you did a phenomenal time as a new acrylic student! Love love love this!

  3. I started with acrylic and i remember how i tried to pat the gel and how it took me quite some time to get used to both xD

  4. "Is that yummy?"

    * Doesn't take sip *

    "It is yummy."

  5. Suzie I couldn't hear you on the podcast I wish I could have because I wanted to hear your history. I found out your in your 60s wow.
    You have really given me power to walk forward in the life I want to create for myself!!!

  6. Great video and I learnt something new about acrylics. Thanks!

  7. what is the name of the song that plays in the intro?

  8. Thanks Suzie! I love you! I love your vids! I love your nails in this vid! Pink with a stamped design ❤❤❤

  9. love this video! does anyone have any tips on convincing my mom to let me get artificial nails? my nails used to be long but they broke so i had to cut them. i’m getting a manicure for my birthday and i really want either acrylics or gel tips. i’m allowed to get gel polish, but i’ve never gotten tips.

  10. I loved this video,it's like being in a teaching class with Suzie!?

  11. i need that pink acrylic powder jar!! LOVE

  12. Oh, I love this video!!! ???

  13. please do a video on brushes and why big brushes are not recommended ? My nail lady recently started using a big brush and my acrylics have been coming out a little messy, uneven and more prone to lifting! I’d love to hear an expert’s point of view, more specifically YOURS. ?

  14. suzie ….. i just love your nail color & thee simple design. so gorgeous.
    this was a great video, learned more about gel nails. thank you!

  15. If I had a dollar for every time she said “I love that!” Great video though hahaha

  16. Also I'm an acrylic snob. And I've recently been wanting to start to do my own nails at home an after this almost sounds like gel might be a bit easier for beginners.. yet idk anything about gel.. guess I'll have to go check out ur guest Co star today's channel an learn a little ?

  17. I love when ur camera man adds a little commentary.

  18. where can I get that cylindrical container with the rhinestone embellishments?

  19. This was a great teaching video for me.

  20. the most useful tuition thank you so muchhhhh

  21. I don't even have nails ?but I love your voice it is so calm

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