Get A Flat Stomach, Bigger Butt & Lean Thighs | 6 Minute Full Body Workout at Home (FAT BLASTER)

Whether you want to get a flat belly, bigger butt or lean thighs – this workout will help.Why? because it’s a full-body blaster! A 6 minute full body workout routine that you can easily do at home. All you will need is a pair of dumbbells ranging from 8 – 10 pounds. Remember that you cannot spot reduce fat.That’s why it’s best to do a full body workout routine that will target every area of your body simultaneously.This works perfectly for busy persons who might not have enough time to do split workouts.Give it a try and torch body fat! 馃檪


  1. Imma start today…hope this works…
    I did this yesterday and my butt and thighs hurt like HELL but imma do it today as well

  2. for how long do I need to do this workout? like how many weeks or months?

  3. This looks like a great workout, and it's also really effective for the shoulders since most of the moves involve overhead movements. The other good thing about it is that it's relatively shirt- and let's face it_ when you're doing a workout (especially when you're new to working out) it's hard to stick to it. So a shorter workout will help to make it easier to stick, and then when you start to see the results of your efforts, you can advance onto something that will be more challenging. And for this workout you can start by simply adding more weight.

  4. Please post a video like how to get thicker calves lower legs I really need that

  5. Do we have to use the weights

  6. Great lower-body workout that targets everything! Super quick too! Xx

  7. Say if you already have fat on your thighs will you loose the fat on your bum and thighs ???

  8. The lady in this video is quite attractive! She has a nice athletic body

  9. ANOTHER great addition to leg day! Thanks @Femniqe

  10. I will try and start doing this everyday and update some time along with other exercises, unlike other comments, I'm committing to this ?

    Edit: 20 squats and 3 sets, no result yet
    Same with the other 2 exercises I did

    Edit: I rested two days after doing this and came back. My thighs are getting harder and starts to bulk up a little. I'm gonna continue doing this and I'll update here 馃檪

    Edit: I know it's been a month now, the first few days I did this, it's hurts so much the next day. Then you get used to it and it doesn't hurt at all. Your thighs and butt becomes more toned if you do this few times a week. Make sure to rest also ?

  11. heyy!
    Im 11 years young 馃槈
    Im actually looking for kind of these excersizes since i am overweight.
    However i dont quite have any weights.
    Would it be alright if i use a bottle filled with water?

  12. Wish you had an app with all these exercises on it – would be so helpful!

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  14. Can u plzzzzzzzzz make a video for bigger thighs without getting a bigger butt?

  15. Can u please do a losing face fat video. Love ur channel!!鉂わ笍

  16. how is this supposed to work exactly? i thought you can't spot reduce or target parts of your body ???

  17. I really like these 6 minute timed workouts

  18. can u do more arm and back workout plz

  19. could you do neck fat exercises

  20. Love this channel sooo much鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  21. Yesss, just what I need to get ready for my upcoming trip to PR???鉁????????

  22. Your contents are so helpful, I'll definitely try this one lol my workout playlist is full of your videos… can you please make a video on bigger calves and thighs? My legs are in a nice shape but awkwardly thinner than the rest of my body.

  23. can you do workout without weights ?

  24. Just by watching this im sweating omg

  25. 2nd viewer,1st liker,1st commenter

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