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  1. How much time is it gonna take get a bigger butt if I'm doing squats?
    Please reply soon..thanks!

  2. Whenever someone says something like "four sets of 15," for example, I never know what that means. Can someone like explain it for me? I have like no idea what people are saying when they say that, and it's honestly sad.

  3. if I don't do the jumping ones will it not work cause I can't do thinks like that cause I have knee problems

  4. do more work out please i do of them

  5. How many times should we do each exercise :O

  6. Do I have to do this daily?? and how long chould i wait to really see the results??

  7. I would to see more fitness videos 🙂

  8. I would really like if you could do a leg workout because I want to start working out my legs but don't know what to do

  9. Great video i loved ! Your body is goal <3

  10. Please do some belly fat removing workouts

  11. I love that you keep saying "bum" haha I don't know why I find it so odd but it's so cute! Great quick and simple video, keep it up!

  12. i'm curious, how old are you? you look young, like early 20s but you seem mature. great workout tips. ☺

  13. My half-sister tried this and broke her leg. This is probably bc she totally ignored my previous warnings about how important warming up is before exercising. I know the importance bc i do a 5 mile run and a 10 mile cycle every day once im home from school lol

  14. do more of these i love this!!

  15. Love your channel! You should have a meet up in Toronto!

  16. Holllllaaa to all my big booty babes! ??

  17. Fantastic video, so motivating!

  18. You have the body of a superhero 😀

  19. Where are your leggings from/ where are the best workout pants to buy?

  20. I love your workout pants ??? I've been wanting some that color for a long time!

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