Get Healthy With Me | Desserts!

I hope you enjoy these healthy treats, perfect for summer! Let me know in the comments which dessert you would most likely try! 🙂 Remember, life is too short not to indulge in sweets! The key is moderation!
Thanks for watching loves!


  1. I enjoyed these ideas! Makes it easy for me. Not much prep and not too many ingredients!

  2. I once tried eating one sweet for lunch and nothing else for lunch. It was a cup of strawberry shortcake frozen yogurt.

  3. I love all your healthy desserts! Thank you so much for sharing these! 🙂

  4. Waaait hold up. So how did u melt the dark chocolate?? By microwaving or something? Or maybe I'm just really dumb

  5. For the fruit pizza, if you don't want to make your own dough, a sourdough cookie works just as well, they are usually pretty healthy and cheap!

  6. This has nothing to do with the video but why do you have foil in your stove ? Is it inflammable

  7. for sorbet can I just add ice to normal fruit? I have no frozen fruit oops

  8. iam so hungry because i see the best healthy

  9. Does anyone know which yogurt she uses?

  10. That is not how u spell "sorebet" it is sorbet

  11. Is it okay if add strawberry yogurt for the sorbet

  12. Nut free? Nuts are very healthy.

  13. Can't wait to try these recipes out!! thanks hun????

  14. The last one is the best I think

  15. The berry sorbet is aa reply cool one to try

  16. is there a substitute for almond milk?

  17. Co che nào Việt Nam! Ko

  18. i think all of yall need to calm yall tits becouse i loved her recipes they where amazing so im just going to say this yall haters need to fuck. off her videos if u r going to hate

  19. Loved the recipes they look super yummy! I have that blender too! Love you!

  20. my cousin made something similar to the fruit pie for fourth of July. I think it was a fruit tart though. it was SOO good. she made the crust with cheerios to make it gluten free!

  21. These are great ideas, but the chocolate is not very healthy though.

  22. how is chocolate healthy ?

  23. Tried the banana pancakes. They are not mu favourite. Not my least favourite either I guess

  24. Does anyone know that 1 almond takes 1 gallon of water to make? So drinking almond milk is really bad…


  26. i don"t now why i'm watching this when i'm hungry lol
    love your video

  27. Tess, I love all your videos but this series was by far my favourite. I hope you'd restart them. Gretings from Croatia <3

  28. Everything in moderation. AMEN! And yes I will never give up my precious chocolate P: I love that you used dark chocolate because it's sooo good! All of my friends think I'm crazy but it's just so rich and milk is too sweet for me for some reason…

  29. They all look delicious! Love your ideas!

  30. Omg am I the only one that thinks that she looks like a mix between Grace Helbig and Ingrid Nielsen…? Well I probably am haha:)

  31. These desserts are definitely not "guilt free." On the contrary. You should feel guilty about eating some of these desserts for ethical as well as sustainability reasons. But they're so easy to make vegan, I would replace all the non vegan ingredients with plant based alternatives which are not only truly "guilt free" but are so much healthier. Check out Cowspiracy for some info on environmental impact, Earthlings for the cruelty, and Forks over Knives for the health. I think you'll be happy when you do and want to make changes to your healthy living suggestions. Honey (not vegan, this surprises some people) is also very unsustainable as well as a very cruel industry which I can explain in detail if anyone wants me to (it's also not a healthy alternative like people are lead to believe).

  32. these honestly all look delicious.

  33. it looks sooo good i will try fruit pizza this weekend

  34. It really bothers me that she doesn't say 'of' while she's describing all of her measurements.

  35. The chocolate peanut butter banana bites looked delicious! 😀

  36. can substitute the Greek yogurt for reg. yogurt??(I don't really like reek yogurt that much) REALLY like your videos!!

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