Get Healthy With Me | My Leg Workout!

I hope you guys enjoy today’s workout video! Follow this routine about 3 times a week and you should see results in no time 🙂


  1. she reminds me sooo much of bethany mota idk why

  2. just finished it. feeling so great. thnk u ????

  3. thank you so much you helped me alot

  4. This is actually the reason i started to workout, such a great video.

  5. You should do a video for just stretching

  6. I want to see your work out vedios moreeeee. ?

  7. the first time i watch a video of yours, officially subscribe☺️☺️☺️

  8. I watched this last night and thought it would be a good workout… I am beat! Such a good workout, thank you 🙂

  9. Wish you still did videos like these

  10. You need to step out more for lunges, other wise your knees pass ur toes

  11. I literally just got done doing this workout and now i'm eating Sonic fast food, I must be NUTS!!!:-):-):-)LoL

  12. Try to keep your back straigt with squats!

  13. Those fucking wall sits, man…

  14. Thanks for these, Tess! I feel so much more motivated to continuously follow your workouts than I do with other workout Youtube channels because you're a vlogger, and so we know you and feel more connected with you, and know that the workouts work. So thanks again for this series! 🙂 x

  15. i've been doing your leg and abs workout routine for a few weeks now and i love it!! x

  16. I did this workout everyday for a couple of months last year after I found it on We Heart It and I could start to see the difference in my legs 🙂

  17. Do you do this everyday or every other day ! Great video <3

  18. These tutorials are awesome! Could you upload more on the Get Healthy With Me playlist?

  19. Do you do different workout on each every day ?

  20. Thank you Tess! I look at you as an inspiration because your so pretty and your workouts have me making my way to a toned body for summer! Thank you!

  21. Thank you for this amazing video! Xx

    – 20 Squats (Kniebeugen)
    – 30 Lunches (Ausfallschritte)
    – 40 Calf raises (Wadentraining)
    – 50 second wall sit (An der Wand sitzen)
    – 100 Jumping jacks (Hampelmänner)
    – 50 second wall sit (")
    – 30 Sumo squats (breitere Kniebeugen)
    – 30 leg raises (per leg) (Bein hochheben)
    – 20 sideway siciors (seitliche Schere)
    – 20 Squats (")

  22. How many sets of this would you do? And do you recommend doing focused days such 'leg day', 'ab day', or should I be doing it all in one day? I'm currently trying to do it all in one day xx

  23. GOD you make these wall sits look very easy,???

  24. Wich video is the best for the inside of your thighs?

  25. i challened my self with the sideways scicors and did 40 of them

  26. Tess, I love all of your workout routine videos. I do them and they seem to help me alot!
    Next video suggestions:
    1. Thigh routine (to make them smaller)
    2. Thigh gap routine (to make it more visible for people who don't have it and want to have it)
    3. Waist routine (to make it smaller)
    I can't wait to see these, thanks 🙂

  27. oh my gosh tess this killed my legs! lol! very nice workout tho! you do them effortlessly! i will be doing this twice a week and the butt twice too! and i will pair it with either the abs or arms! great vid!

  28. Do the calf raises tone down your calves or make them bulkier?

  29. the sumo squats aren't you're feet supposed to be like sticking outward? that's what i heard just saying not trying tbr or anything bc trust me i love tess

  30. Thank you very very much tess! I'm using these workout for long now and i really can see the differents!! 😀

  31. i'm a beginner to the workout world, and online it recommends doing a full body workout. would it be good for me to do your leg, arm, butt, and ab workout videos all in one day for three days through the week???? this is a lot in this video and i just want to make sure i don't overwork myself 🙂

  32. More video like this please! I love work out videos and this is really great

  33. Could you do a thigh workout?

  34. Done it make your legs thinner or muscular

  35. aren't you supposed to do squats with a straight back?

  36. it would be helpful if you put the workout in the description box as well, like you did in the butt one (idk makes it easier to remember)
    thanks 🙂

  37. I love you Tess…. But this KILLED my legs! lol xD I will continue to do it, of course. Thanks for posting these! ;D

  38. Can you do arms? I feel like my arms are too fat and flabby.

  39. This is great thanks:) you have amazing legs.

  40. This was a great video! It helped me a lot. I was trying to find a workout that was easy to do yet could shape up my legs.

  41. Please do a get healthy with me dinner. Thank you and I love your videos!

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