Get Healthy With Me | Packed School Lunches! (Back To School)

In this video i show you 4 lunches that you can make ahead of time and it should make enough school lunches for at least a week or two! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what healthy video you want to see next 🙂


  1. Pirates booty popcorn??? Nice video.

  2. Who's watching this while eating a bag of chips or Oreos or just unhealthy food ???

  3. I don't like peanut butter so what do I do

  4. Peanut ? butter with honey ? and banana ? is my FAVORITE PBJ sandwich

  5. Who else hates the word "moist"

  6. I love these tips! All these lunches look delicious 🙂

  7. I really love all of your food videos. They are realistic for what I can actually do and want to do! I'm trying to go through and watch all of them XD So many other people make good "healthy food" videos, but with crazy stuff that I would never take the time to make. Also this is seemingly very affordable as well. Thank you for making these videos!

  8. Is this what u eat with ur workouts? If u know what I mean! I love ur vids xx

  9. It seems like if you don't eat air and grass your not eating healthy.

  10. I think these meals look fabulous, can't wait to try! just found your chanel and I am enjoying all your videos! would love to see a video just on how you cooked your chicken ☺

  11. I thought the popcorn was shrimp btw you look like arianna grande

  12. ????????????????☺??????????????????????????????????????????????????☻☹??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☝???✌????✊✋???????????✍?????????❤????????????❣??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♩???????????????????⌨?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☕?☕?⚱☕⚱???☕????????⛱????⛱?????⛱??⛱?⛱?⛱????⛱??????⛪?⛪????⛪⛱?⛱?????????????⛱?⛱???????????????????????↪?↪????♝♟♟♞♝♞♞♞♝⚋☱☞☟♪♶♶⛰♱?♊♑♐⚵♑??☫☬????⚭⚣♁⚢⚦⚤⚥⚦⚧⚁⚨⚩⚭⚮⚯☙⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⛾♾?

  13. No no stop saying bad comments your probably hurting her feelings I liked and she tried to enntertane is its the thought that counts

  14. Who's eating cookies while watching this ?? ??

  15. You can eat that turkey slices raw? Like straight out of the container?

  16. my mouth is watering the whole vid

  17. Here I'm again, and I really want to compliment you: Your recipes look absolutely delicious 🙂 Even though there are a lot of similar ones on YouTube in these Back To School videos, I think yours have this little something which makes me wanting to try them. Thank you for the ideas! 🙂

  18. the word MOIST makes me cringe ???

  19. It was painful to see her chop up the basil like that.

  20. I am a mother of three and I love your videos. I am inspired to make better lunches for my high schoolers. Thank you and I wish you much success

  21. me and my sister were just laughing about how some people hate the word moist lol

  22. can you put your carrots in a paper shredder to shred them?

  23. I luv that chicken salad…cant eait to make it…the stuff u eat actually looks good and healthy…thank you…Im inspired!

  24. Am o the only one who doesn't have a microwave at school do you have to heat it up?

  25. can we use milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate?

  26. back to school hairstyles please

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