Get Healthy With Me | Snack Foods!

Instead of chips, salty popcorn and crackers i show you some of the things i love to snack on that are more on the healthier side. Thumbs up if you liked it!

Next video in this series will be about my favorite meal of the day… Breakfast!! 🙂



  1. I remember watching this video when you posted it in 2014 and basically understanding NOTHING due to my bad English competences (although I learned English for 10 years). I feel like such a professional now 😀

  2. when you're lazy to eat fruit, just add on something sweet like peanut/almond butter… just to satisfy your craving???

  3. I like some of your ideas and love your POSITIVE and upbeat personality.

  4. I have the same smothy blender

  5. I really wish she would name this get healthier with me because sugar in almond butter isnt healthy and some of the other stuff she showed wasnt all that healthy either……

  6. i really liked the apples and almond pb and the bananna sandwich and almond pb those r one of my favorites

  7. o my god i've been dying to try to find a heathly video because i'm just really hungry. lol another lol

  8. What do you do if you don't have an apple corer?

  9. I WANT THAT ALMOND BUTTER! I better check if the grocery store near my place have it.

  10. Does it really taste good with ginger cause it seems to be weird!

  11. So almond butter doesn't have any peanuts in it? Also does it have cashews? Thanks

  12. Am i the only one who doesn't like frozen grapes??

  13. are you kiddin me peanut butter is literally  way healthier than almond butter I've heard on tv that it has so much more protein and has no fat

  14. am i the only one that can't stand the taste of kale…… spinach's cool tho

  15. loved the video and the info!!! really a great job


  17. What nutribullet do you have? I'm looking into getting one

  18. Can you do a healthy smoothies??

  19. Why have I never thought of nana sammies?! Great idea!

  20. can i use normal water for the smoothie?

  21. whats that green thing in the 1.56 minute

  22. How did I know that there would be Apple rings and peanut butter?!
    Aww amazing ideas and will definitely try some out again xx

  23. what if you don't like peanut butter like me what else can you use???

  24. Why do all americans love peanut butter??

  25. ♥Wow! You really have great Ideas! I absolutely LOVE them! I might even try them out!♥

  26. I tried making the apple sandwich, and they are really good?

  27. Love your videos just subscribed I just started my healthy journey too ? maybe we can collab one day ?

  28. these where really cool ideas!

  29. today I made banana sandwiches with almond butter and they were so delicious!

  30. the smoothie doesn't look gross at all, quite yummy! thanks for sharing the ideas:)

  31. You should wash your vegetables and fruit lol

  32. the video is about 'snack foods' and why you did mini banana sandwiches, it is a dessert!

  33. This is such a good video! I loved the fact that all the nutritional values were on the screen!!?

  34. Wow! You just blew my mind. I gotta try some of this.

  35. ? thank you a lot ?? its my favorit healthy snack video ?

  36. Loved it!! helped a lot !!! im trying to eat healthier and this helped soo much!! 🙂

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