Get Healthy With Me | What I Ate Today!

I hope you guys find this helpful. Remember i am not a fitness or nutrition expert. Just showing you ways how i lead a healthier lifestyle 🙂


  1. You did a great job, love the video and the healthy food choices.

  2. omg I would starve if I have that lunch everyday.

  3. I’m personally a vegetarian but I find it sad when vegans and vegetarians say stuff like ”go vegan!!!” that’s the reason why vegans are hated so much. Seriously you can suggest the vegan diet for others with not so aggressive ways

  4. "used water instead of milk because its better for you" What do you mean?

  5. Video was amazing but change your ticket did it more amazing

  6. I think you eat a perfect amount of food but the only thing that I didn‘t like was the chicken breast since I am vegan but anyways and peanut butter is actually good for you if there is no added sugar or oil in it my peanut butter just includes sea salt and peanuts that‘s it ???

  7. me: eh this girl is okay.
    plays fifth harmony at the end of video
    me: yeah I really like this girl

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  9. Lol I love how One Direction was playing in the beginning

  10. All kind of dressings are unhealthy


  12. Love oatmeal! Just I don't like using portioned oatmeal packets as they seem to have more sugars than ordinary lose oats. To avoid sugar I use water and add low sugar peanut butter and chia seeds – that is literally my EVERYDAY breakfast – AMAZING!

  13. Dear all hardcore vegan,

    Not all people can jump straight to be a goat. For me she is an inspiration.

  14. I also posted a ' what i eat in a day' it would mean the world if people could check it out ??

  15. All of your videos are making me HUNGRY! I have made some what I eat in a days but they're more on the go since I do travel vlogs! Keep up girl!

  16. I live turkey but I watch video very nice and kind

  17. I appreciate that she lets you know she is not a nutrition expert and is just sharing her own meal ideas. I definitely learned from this video and will keep watching.

  18. I would be honest with you – it is nice menu but the way you prepared your dinner isn't so healthy. Fist of all , you burnt your chicen, as you can see during the frying process chicken unleashed the black smoke which mean that carcinogenic substances are made. So, you should remember that fit and healthy not always come together.

  19. When you watch videos like this and realize you eat 5 times less…god.

  20. If you coat that sweet potato with coconut oil before baking, it will be softer and taste sweeter needing no butter.

  21. Sorry but when i saw how she put the asparagus and zucchini on this black fat after frying chicken … girl, it's not healthy!

  22. Thanks for the video, I love PB2…I put it with my bananas yummy…

  23. I will cook that tomorrow . I was looking for more healthier snacks and dinner. I have lost 20lbs by drinking water and juice. Thanks!!!

  24. There are 3 factors in weight loss – exercise, diet, and motivation.
    One plan I discovered which succeeds in merging these is the Trevs trim formula (google it if you're interested) definately the most useful diet i've seen.
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  25. using water in your porridge isn't actually that better for you than milk because milk gives you calcium.

  26. I love food specially fruits and vegetables

  27. Water in oatmeal isn't better than something like almond milk in oatmeal. Plain instant oatmeal isn't a problem, but you used the maple and brown sugar kind, which isn't healthy because it's loaded with sugar. People have already mentioned that avocados are not an effective substitute for meat protein-wise. Other than those things, the rest of the food options get a thumbs up!

  28. Tess Christine Yess!! I want to get healthy with you.. so come to me honey, we'll have fun together

  29. can you guys help me I'm looking for a video just like this one with healthy recipies.. the girl says Olive oil and sea salt so many times that it made me laugh, i want to rewatch it but can't find it:(

  30. Girl… I don't know how you managed to eat the plain brown sugar oatmeal. I have to buy the reduced sugar kind because the regular tastes WAYYYY to sweet to me.

  31. wat i eat today , fries bread butter , pasta, fried chicken and beef lol.. hating myself now.. what am i even doing here :@

  32. I think every one should respect what everyone likes or dislikes it's her business what she wants to eat besides what she was making doesn't mean we have to eat it she's just showing what she likes to eat in a day which is healthy and it's a good thing we can all be healthy by eating different foods I'm not trying to sound harsh but it's her choice not ours to judge what she eats ??

  33. why is powdered peanut butter better for you ? lol

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