Get Longer Nails With Dip Powder!


  1. *get longer nails with plastic tips

  2. Don't like the color but they kinda like those nails kit sold at Walgreen

  3. I love the brown color on the nails

  4. Those nails were filed too much

  5. Uf the best nail YouTuber ! I subbed you <3 thank you for those hacks and DIY's luv uuuuu

  6. That colour was quite disgusting and pretty off putting. I really didn't like the colour. But I love ur vids cutepolish.❤

  7. I'm allergic to acetone and gel polish my fingers blister and skin hardens and eventually peels off but it's very painful. I never used to be as I had my nails done regularly. One day they just started reacting badly every time I used gel under the lamp so I tried acrylic which isn't so bad until I remove them with acetone. Are there non acetone products that can remove acrylic effectively? I've managed to grow my own nails but they're weak so I would like to strengthen them with acryclic but just too scared they'll flare up again.

  8. I clicked on the link to buy the starter kit and it says “currently unavailable”. They have no restock date either….bummer

  9. My comment is not first! Yeeeey!!! <3

  10. Think that’s it is too much acrylic on the nails

  11. Nothing for me, I don't like the look of it. I like nice even layer of a nail polish, nothing see through. The powder is too visible to my taste :/

  12. I love YoungNails! ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Doesn't dipping into the container contaminate it?

  14. Just for me personally, i find they look rough and not as pleasing to the eye as say acrylic or gel. Or even regular polish. Its a cool and innovative way to do nails thats for sure! Obviously you made them look beautiful! I figure if you nail experts do it and it still doesn’t look good to me then its definitely gonna look a hot mess if i do it! ?

  15. Oooh, Young Nails! Love them too!

  16. I’ve tried a similar thecnique with a nail repair kit, I was having some trouble since my middle finger nail broke to short and my hyponychium is a bit long on that finger. It hurt everytime I touched something… so I made my own nail extension just to protect it and so far it has worked amazingly.

  17. the amazon product is no longer available 🙁

  18. Can u use a diffrent power color

  19. The powders are a great concept and a cool alternative that's easier for at-home nail artists, but that color… I have never been offended by a nail color before.

  20. Great vid, that's how i am going to repair my broken nails .

  21. This was so helpful! She has a very cool calming voice! Her nails are beautayyyful❤❤

  22. OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING. I came from Cristine’s video. YOUR AMAZING AND SO SWEET.

  23. Can this be used on natural nails and if so, how do you remove it?

  24. Powder dips (revel brand) were what got me interested in nail stuff last April. My nails are still very weak, but I think it’s because I over-filed when I was learning. Now I’m more interested in polygels, but I still like my dips. They really do help to keep the nails strong while they’re growing out, if you can get them to stay on.

  25. I love that they dry instantly

  26. I love you so much I watch you from the beginning of your channel

  27. Every one is saying they r first…..
    I don't freaking care

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