Get Ready w/ Me | Fashion Basics Must Haves

You can interpret this video many different ways. Is she fantasizing about the places she will go? Planning out travel outfits? Or is she still stuck in a dream? What is her reality? Why did the music start and end between parts? What is the overall message? Comment below…

Fashion trends come and go, but wardrobe basics are an investment in you. Here are some timeless wardrobe must haves that will be loved for many seasons to come. I listed and linked similar styles on my Ebay guide (not an affiliate link) for you to pick and choose your personal style. With wardrobe basics, purchase quality over quantity as you want something that you will enjoy for years to come.

This video was filmed in a beautiful apartment that we rented for New York Fashion Week. Scenes are a combination of shots from New York as well as in San Diego. I wish that apartment was our as it had a beautiful view and a incredible location, but alas it’s out of our budget. We could afford to rent it for a few days though and feel like fancy pants =)

*The items shown were collected over time, therefore they are mostly not current. However you can find similar pieces on Ebay:  (Non affiliate)